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Top 10 Footer Designs Examples of Responsive Websites

There is a common saying, “All’s well that ends well”. Now let’s co-relate this quote in context to a website, you will get – website is well that ends well! And, here the Footer is referred to as the end of the website. Keeping aside this satire, let us dig into the principles of footer web designs.

A Glimpse To The Bygone Days Of Footer

According to some conventional perceptions of the web design industry, most people think that bottom section of the web page is least important. Not only the users, but a huge section of web users is too convinced with this wrong ideology. They believed that the elements at the bottom of the web page play no significant role to attract visitors onto the website and which is why footers are often relegated as a poorly designed space for copyright information, legal disclaimers, and “back to the top” links.

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Digging Up Flat UI Design And Its Key Principles

The inception of flat design has created a great buzz among the entire design community. It possesses a great place in the digital world as it has revolutionized both web and mobile designs with an optimal approach.

There are numerous factors that have contributed to the need of a minimalist design. To better understand its massive popularity across the globe and its usage, let’s ponder into its history.

A flat design is completely opposite to the skeuomorphic design approach. It simply corresponds exactly to its name “FLAT” and thus, doesn’t possess any 3D component. This means flat design doesn’t embrace any visual depth in the UI elements.

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Responsive Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2015

Every year, new concept in the web designing comes up. Last year, the flat design, minimalist color scheme, background videos, 3D transition effects and many more designing techniques were introduced. It was superb year for responsive web designing. Indeed, the year 2015 will be full of amazing responsive web designing concepts that will bring the biggest revolution in the web designing industry. Indeed, those designing concepts will become the trendsetters of 2015. What are those trends, this blog presents glimpse over the 2015’s responsive web design trends.

Let’s Explore the list of Web design Trends of 2015:

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Beautiful fonts, icons, vectors for designer in January 2015

For a long time ago, I’m not listing the graphics and resources for designers which improve your products value. Since this month, it’s back and it’s complete free. I know how much designers love free content, whether it is for inspiration or to actually use them for their next project.
Take a look, I’m sure you’ll find one or two things to satisfy yourself! You can find new patterns, icons, textures, badges, graphic designs, and templates.

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10 Awesome Responsive Email Templates for Newsletters

At the start of this year: 2015. We’re planning to rebuild the Newsletters to increase connections among your ideas and with audience interests, one of things to do in our checklist is Reponsive Email Templates for Newsletters issues.
Here in this article you will find 10 Awesome Responsive HTML Email Templates for Newsletters hand picked for you.

Why we need Responsive Email Templates?

80% of Internet Users own a smartphone/tablets, illustrating the need for businesses to design email campaigns for the growing mobile market. If you want people to engage with your emails from their smartphones, it’s important to keep your messages short, focused, and visual.

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The Recipe to the Most Ideal Typography

The web realm is already filled with tons of literature dedicated to how important the design and responsiveness attributes are when it comes to making an impression in the minds of users. However, in the midst of all this frenzy, one aspect that finds itself being overlooked is the typographic representation of the website.
For all intents and purposes, typography plays a more than crucial role in determining how sleek and accomplished a particular blog is.

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The Timeless Designing Patterns for Enhancing the User Interface

Creating slick, chrome and fully functional mobile apps is on the agenda of every developer and designer. However, the superficiality of it all comes later. As a norm, comprehensible user interface is of the top priority and that’s what makes the task of creating mobile apps a lot more complicated and focus-driven.

Now, when we talk of user interface, we are quickly drawn to the user interface design patterns that have been dominating the trend from quite a while now. These trends have poured over a truckload of websites and applications all across the web realm, and examining these from the point of view of UX can be of a great deal of help to any designer who wishes to create designs that are not just visually appealing, but give the aspect of user-friendliness a springtime:

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Top 10 Best Programing Fonts for Developers

Are you a programmer? If yes, you had 3 questions with coding tools. What’s best text editor (IDE)? What’s best programming font? What’s best code color scheme? I got them like you and I spent more than 1 years to choose and using Monaco as programing font but I’m still looking for better programing font than Monaco
I’m using VIM as my default code editor, thankfully, I don’t take too much time to pick it. I felt in love with VIM after tried Emacs, GEdit, NetBean, Eclipse … but the next step to choose a good font that takes too much time than I expected.
Here is a list of my favorite programming fonts that I have tested. I’ve used Linux for 7 years, I take screenshot of each font in VIM with Full of Anti-aliasing. So I can’t really say anything about how these fonts look on Windows or Mac OS, let’s test by yourself but I guess it’s the same.

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