InspirationThe Recipe to the Most Ideal Typography 0

The Recipe to the Most Ideal Typography

The web realm is already filled with tons of literature dedicated to how important the design and responsiveness attributes are when it comes to making an impression in the minds of users. However, in the midst of all this frenzy, one aspect that finds itself being overlooked is the typographic representation of the website.
For all intents and purposes, typography plays a more than crucial role in determining how sleek and accomplished a particular blog is.
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InspirationThe Timeless Designing Patterns for Enhancing the User Interface 0

The Timeless Designing Patterns for Enhancing the User Interface

Creating slick, chrome and fully functional mobile apps is on the agenda of every developer and designer. However, the superficiality of it all comes later. As a norm, comprehensible user interface is of the top priority and that’s what makes the task of creating mobile apps a lot more complicated and focus-driven.

Now, when we talk of user interface, we are quickly drawn to the user interface design patterns that have been dominating the trend from quite a while now. These trends have poured over a truckload of websites and applications all across the web realm, and examining these from the point of view of UX can be of a great deal of help to any designer who wishes to create designs that are not just visually appealing, but give the aspect of user-friendliness a springtime:
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Inspiration ProductivityTop 10 Best Programing Fonts for Developers 1

Top 10 Best Programing Fonts for Developers

Are you a programmer? If yes, you had 3 questions with coding tools. What’s best text editor (IDE)? What’s best programming font? What’s best code color scheme? I got them like you and I spent more than 1 years to choose and using Monaco as programing font but I’m still looking for better programing font than Monaco
I’m using VIM as my default code editor, thankfully, I don’t take too much time to pick it. I felt in love with VIM after tried Emacs, GEdit, NetBean, Eclipse … but the next step to choose a good font that takes too much time than I expected.
Here is a list of my favorite programming fonts that I have tested. I’ve used Linux for 7 years, I take screenshot of each font in VIM with Full of Anti-aliasing. So I can’t really say anything about how these fonts look on Windows or Mac OS, let’s test by yourself but I guess it’s the same.
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InspirationManga Speak 0

High quality fonts collection: 18 Manga and comic dialog fonts

18 Manga and comic dialog fontsThe fonts used in the comics and animation is completely different with other document types. Manga and comic fonts can show characters’ emotions , sounds, actions … We have now discovered 18 unique and refreshing cartoon and comic fonts for you to give your artwork and design that extra. Here are a few for sneak preview and the full list is right after the jump. Use an all-caps font for your main text, a handwritten font for small text, and a variety of different fonts for sound effects. One last word of advice: avoid Comic Sans at all costs (die-hard manga fans hate it above all else.)
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InspirationSocial Icons Hand Drawn 0

Hight quality icons – 11 Awesome Hand-Draw Social Bookmark Icons Sets

Las week, I have been present you 10 Awesome Social Bookmark Icons Sets that you can use for your blog for bookmarking. In this article, I continue to introduce to you some very nice Social Bookmark Icons Sets that I feel beautiful.
To avoid duplication and too many icon sets in an article, I will be classified according to categories and introduced to you in the upcoming posts. I really like the hand-drawn, sketch design style then in this article you will find my Awesome Social Bookmark Icons Sets collection.
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InspirationFree Farm-Fresh Web icons 1

Free Farm-Fresh Web icons set

FatCow “Farm-Fresh” is a new free icon set, containing exactly 1000 with 2000 more to come 16-by-16 and 32-by-32 pixel icons. Formats include ICO (PC, desktop), PNG (web, toolbars, UNIX), GIF (alive?!), DMG (Mac). These are Fatcow’s Amazing variety of icons related to web design / development / web hosting available free to download.

Free Farm-Fresh Web icons
Free Farm-Fresh Web icons

These icon sets are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. This means you can freely use these icons for any purpose, private and commercial, including online services, templates, themes and software. However, you should include a link to this page in your credits.
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