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How to Use Twitter for B2B Digital Marketing

Companies involved in the B2B industry are looking out for leads rather than individual customers. They are focused more on making long term leads than gathering many one-time end users of their product. B2B marketing is a marketing method where companies are looking to connect with other organizations that will purchase and use their products before reselling them – probably to another company or to the end user. This is why B2B marketing is much different from B2C marketing.

The former does not rely on flashy traditional advertising campaigns and B2B marketing caters to a more mature audience as companies involved are experts in the field. The internet is an excellent platform for B2B marketers and various social media websites are excellent channels for networking and finding B2B customers. Here are some tips to help companies nail B2B marketing on Twitter.
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HOW TO Avoid Being Slowed Down by Social Media Buttons

HOW TO Avoid Being Slowed Down by Social Media Buttons

I’m planning decrease the number of social media buttons on this website because it’s slowed down the load time.
To load the Facebook, Twitter and Google social media buttons for a total of 19 requests takes 246.7k in bandwidth. Holy crap! If a third-party website is slow this will hold up your page from loading.
Have you known, Google has been using site speed as a search ranking signal since 2010. So a faster websites means more money, better rankings, and happier users.
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Asynchronous JavaScript

Asynchronously Javascript Loading for Social Button

Social buttons are most common methods to sharing your post to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+. But after added your favourite social network script, be it like buttons or twitter widgets to your site or blog and then you notice that the load time of you page went drastically down. What happened?
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Improve Octopress with Advanced Tweaks & Tips

Octopress is a framework design for Jekyll. It’s static site generator and that’s why it lacks of advance feature like WordPress (Read more about it if you would like to move from WordPress to Octopress). Jekyll support plugins so you can use it for improve your website that’s based on Octopress.
From last post, you’ve known some tips to help your blogging processes with Octopress easier than normal. In this post, I will continuing show you some advanced tweaks to improve Octopress power.
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Tips and Tricks for Migrating From Wordpress to Octopress

Tips & Tricks for Migrating From WordPress to Octopress

I’ve migrated one of WordPress Websites to OctoPress. It’s easy to done but OctoPress won’t works well as expected. I spent a week to corrected entire post contents to make it compatible with Markdown format and fix some problems encountered when running new blogging platform. Today, I write this post to share my experiences after migrated from WordPress to OctoPress, hope it can help you if you have the same problem.
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Link sharing on Facebook

Understanding Social Media Meta Tags & Open Graph Protocol

Do you know the Social Media Meta Tags and Open Graph Protocol can affect social media traffic? When you are sharing a url to social networks, they will find the social information which you defined between head tags, if it’s not available, they will get it’s in the post content.
Social Media Meta Tags and Open Graph Protocol are common names of Google Authorship, Twitter Card, Facebook Open Graph … Here’s how you can leverage both of them:
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Moving blog from WordPress to Octopress

Things to know before moving from WordPress to OctoPress

I have been using WordPress for few years now and have been very happy with its features. But when you running a network with just only one person, you will be feel tired after 3 – 5 years with the updates, plugins, hosting maintenance. Since a few month ago, I’ve started looking for a new blog platform. The Last week, I’ve switched my personal blog (in Vietnamese) from WordPress to Octopress. With some tools, I converted all the posts, images, code snippets, etc from WordPress to Octopress. It works like charm and running perfectly with heavy traffic but use fewer resources than before.
I write this article to share my experience of this transition for someone who want to switch from WordPress to Octopress like me.
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Display WordPress post excerpt instead full content

The WordPress Excerpt is an optional summary or description of a post; in short, a post summary. After published your post, the excerpt will be display in RSS feeds (if you choose it’s not display your full post), Search results, Tag archives, Category archives, Monthly archives and Author archives. Don’t confused between excerpt and teaser (the part of a post that appears on the front page when you use the More tag). While both are related to the manual excerpt, they are different from it.
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Speeding up WordPress with PageSpeed service

Speed Up WordPress with Google CDN based PageSpeed Technology

Since July 29, 2011 Google announced Page Speed Service is an online service that automatically speeds up loading of your web pages. Until Aug 2012, Google only accept you using their service by invitation request but now, we can register for free by filling this form. But keep in mind, Google will eventually start to charge for the service – plus they aren’t yet disclosing how much. Google does promise the “pricing will be competitive” and they will give you 30 days to decide once they announce the pricing. There’s no rumor on how long this free trial blessing from Google will last.
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