Why I Moved to DigitalOcean & How to setup a perfect VPS

Guidelines to setup a perfect Digital Ocean VPS

Why I moved to Digital Ocean. Here is review and guidelines to setup perfect VPS. DigitalOcean offers an extremely fast cloud technology allowing its users to manage their infrastructure in a more efficient manner. Needless to say I am very satisfied with the result.

New section Layout added to Theme Customizer

Comprehensive Guide to make WordPress Theme Options with Customization API

The Theme Customizer was introduced since WordPress version 3.4 then it’s become a relatively new way of WordPress Themes to provide you with options. It allows for an editing environment where theme options can be tried by the administrator before being applied to the live site. In this tutorial, we will look at exactly how this feature can be added to a theme and I show you how to create your own classes to extend the controls to make your own Customizer Custom Controls, since not all fields and requests are in the core already. You can access existing solutions of the community or create your own classes.

Speed up WordPress with Leverage Browser Caching

Speeding up WordPress with Leverage Browser Caching

Site speed and page load times are now an important component of the Google ranking algorithm, which can affect search engine rankings of your site. If you have tested your webpage for speed by using Google PageSpeed and found out that you need to use browser caching, here is how you do it.

25+ Useful jQuery Plugins for Working With Social Media

25+ Useful jQuery Plugins for Working With Social Media

jQuery offers various solutions in form of plugins and widgets that are really helpful. You can choose a tool that can appropriately meet your social media promotional needs but finding them may not be easy as it seems.

So here in this article, we are sharing with you some of these social media jQuery plugins that you can use to meet your varied social media needs. Please have a look.