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CSS Sprites – Techniques, Tutorials And Tools | The Good and The Bad

Sprites were originally invented as a method of quickly compositing several images together in two-dimensional video games using special hardware. As computer performance improved, this optimization became unnecessary and the term evolved to refer specifically to the two-dimensional images themselves that were integrated into a scene.

Fire Emblem Sprites
Fire Emblem Sprites

Sprites were displayed over a static or dynamic background image, and the positioning of the sprite was controlled simply by the hardware controllers.
Apply Video games images render techniques above to Web development then we have CSS Sprites. In fact, CSS Sprites are not new, in some situation they can bring significant advantages and improvements – particularly if you want to reduce your server load.

CSS sprites is the technique of combing images to lessen the number of calls that need to be made to the server. Then you just shift the position of the background image to view the correct part of the image. May sound complicated, but it just takes a little math.

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