WordPress Database Relation

Keep your WordPress database in ship shape with expert DBA service

WordPress is the leading content management system second to none. The others like Drupal and Joomla are not as popular but they have their place in the market. The thing about WordPress is that it has become so popular. The community has been growing over the years making it possible for people to access information concerning WordPress with such tremendous ease. Whenever you have a problem you can always find information online to help you resolve the issue. The same cannot be said about Drupal. It is a bit harder to understand when compared to WordPress.

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Automated Migration

Rethinking Website Data Migration: A Revolutionary Approach

Long gone are the days when websites could be created only by professional programmers. The evolution of site building methods has resulted in the birth of Content Management Systems, software products engineered specifically to allow building and maintaining web projects of any complexity with minimal effort and coding knowledge. CMSs enable dynamic content creation, provide customized design options, and offer an extensive functionality allowing to construct the site of any type. But despite the general benefits of using CMSs as a method, each separate platform has it’s own pros and cons, therefore it’s important to choose the fitting solution and be prepared to migrate across them, in case you feel like you’d be better with a different option.

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