Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017 Deals for Bloggers

2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Bloggers

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, we hope that you are having a wonderful time with your friends and family and you’ll remember this day for years to come. Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day since 1952, this year it will take place on Friday 24 November 2017, with Cyber Monday falling on Monday 27th November. It is time to make that purchase you have been saving for. After the success of 2016‘s compilation, we’ve again compiled some of the top best 2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for bloggers, designers, developers… plus some other great sales too!
The Black Friday 2017 countdown is officially on. Hurry up and grab a deal before it’s expired! The promotion will be live until end of Cyber Monday (11/27). ?
Notes: The complete list of deals is not quite ready yet – many of them aren’t going to be online until the last minute. We will be updating this page frequently until all sales are over. If you have your own deal, email me and we’ll update the post with your deal.

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Themify Labor Day 30% off purchases with code LABOUR30 (excluding Lifetime) + $50 off Lifetime Club with code LIFELABOUR!

HandPicked Labor Day Coupons & Deals 2016

Today is 6th September, it’s one day after the Labor Day because this post is mis-scheduled on yesterday. I decided still publish this post because almost Labor Day Coupons & Deals 2016 still available for purchase.
The Labor Day came on the first Monday of September 2016 is 5th. When those of us in USA states or territories recognize the social and economic achievements of our workforce, past and present. And we celebrate this with a day off!
To many, Labor Day marks the end of the summer season, even as Memorial Day marks its beginning. For some businesses, Labor Day is their biggest sales event next to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. So if you are in the America then you probably have an awesome 3 day weekend to look forward to Coupons & Deals 2016.

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Make Big Profits with your website this Halloween

Make Big Profits with your website this Halloween

Halloween is a major festival that occurs in the end of October. This is just another happening and fun festival, like Christmas that moves several people around the world. The money spent on this festival is huge! You need to wear costumes to celebrate Halloween. But you can also gain big profits with this festival, now for some people this is just a festival that is exciting where you get to party wearing costumes and have fun, but for some sensible people on the internet it is a lucrative opportunity to make more profits!
But how does this happen? Yes we all know that the sales of costume wears rises, and people tend to buy more tangible goods, but what about service companies like digital marketing concerns and website developing companies, how do such companies make profits that don’t even have a physical existence? Well they do! And big time! Provided they follow a thought through strategy.
If you are an ecommerce website maker then people or e-tailers who deal with costumes and Halloween giveaways will want you to showcase their offers o your ecommerce website, you may even get clients who want to get a web design on the theme of Halloween with a customized logo design, web design and brochures etc.

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