Improve Octopress with Advanced Tweaks & Tips

Octopress is a framework design for Jekyll. It’s static site generator and that’s why it lacks of advance feature like WordPress (Read more about it if you would like to move from WordPress to Octopress). Jekyll support plugins so you can use it for improve your website that’s based on Octopress.
From last post, you’ve known some tips to help your blogging processes with Octopress easier than normal. In this post, I will continuing show you some advanced tweaks to improve Octopress power.

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Tips and Tricks for Migrating From Wordpress to Octopress

Tips & Tricks for Migrating From WordPress to Octopress

I’ve migrated one of WordPress Websites to OctoPress. It’s easy to done but OctoPress won’t works well as expected. I spent a week to corrected entire post contents to make it compatible with Markdown format and fix some problems encountered when running new blogging platform. Today, I write this post to share my experiences after migrated from WordPress to OctoPress, hope it can help you if you have the same problem.

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