5 Proven SEO Tips for 2017

5 Proven SEO Tips for 2017

Are you currently evaluating your SEO strategy? Do you take a time to examine your search engine rankings to find out ways you can improve your standings in the SERPs?

Although we’re halfway through the new year, it’s still more than possible to change your search engine optimization future for the better. With the right tools, tips, and strategies, you can boost your website rankings for the most valuable keyword phrases in your niche.

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CAGR from 2012 to 2017

Boost Your Online Profits With Website Monitoring Services

Consumers now prefer to shop online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, it is predicted that the online retail sales will increase to $370 in 2017.
Let’s have a look at a few other statistics that will make you learn about the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping:

  • Based on a survey conducted by “The Intelligence Group (TIG)”, it was observed that nearly 72% of Millennials search for their favorite products and shop for them online prior to going to any store/mall.
  • Over 80% of the online surfers have already made purchases over the web, and more than 50% of consumers have purchased using the Internet more than once.
  • Around 36% of the online population spend over 30 minutes and 16% spend more than 16 minutes, in comparison shopping before making the final decision on buying their choice of products and so on.
  • In most of the companies 90% of their decisions relating to purchasing begins with an online search.

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The downside of using jQuery for your website

The downside of using jQuery for your website

jQuery was released with much hype and an interesting tagline “Write less, do more” in the year 2006. Almost a decade has passed since jQuery saw the light of the day and this decade that has gone by, has made it a must have tool for every web developer. This discrete JavaScript library kept evolving and improving in the last 9 years and the stable release version of jQuery was made available for user download in April, 2015. The benefits and flexibility jQuery offers to web developers are many and unique.
The tagline “Write less, do more” is self explanatory to define how it has made life easy for HTML code writers. Multiple functions can be performed with a single line code with jQuery. jQuery also adds another dimension to web designing by providing cross-platform compatibility and efficient use of plug-ins.

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Recommended Nginx Configuration for High Traffic WordPress

Recommended Nginx Configuration for High Traffic WordPress on Small VPS (512 RAM)

A mere half-year ago, I was published two article to guide you setup perfect VPS on Digital Ocean and the guidelines to optimize LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web server on lowest VPS hardware plan. My VPS that’s optimized with Varnish, W3 Total Cache, PHP-APC was powered on since November 2013 until now without any reboot or reset. I estimate my server could easily handle 50K – 100K page views per day. At that point I would be close to breaking 95% memory usage (with swap file). In just an afternoon last week, my server was survival with 280K page views, without any downtime.

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Why I Moved to DigitalOcean & How to setup a perfect VPS

Guidelines to setup a perfect Digital Ocean VPS

As you can see, since last week, I did not publish new post because I have moved to Digital Ocean after a trial month. In the last few years I’ve used a lot of hosting providers. If you aren’t aware, I’ve been with HostGator for years, but after the last few months, I’ve been noticing their VPS services were slow. As my previous hosting contract was coming to an end and my friend has recommended Digital Ocean, I decided to take a look and was instantly surprised. DigitalOcean was just what I was looking for. Until now I’ve never actually found any that have been able to satisfy my needs at the right price. In this post, I’m going to let you guys know why I switched and why Digital Ocean is my host of choice right now.

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Google's Ajax Libraries API

Google CDN: use AJAX Libraries API to Speed up your Ajax apps

Google's Ajax Libraries API
Google's Ajax Libraries API

I don’t use a lot of JavaScript, but as you probably know, I’m a fan of offloading things to other people when it can save me the hassle of doing it myself.
A CDN — short for Content Delivery Network — distributes your static content across servers in various, diverse physical locations. When a user’s browser resolves the URL for these files, their download will automatically target the closest available server in the network.

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