Leverage Content Curation for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing lets you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You can build your credibility and become a reliable source of information in your field of work. You generally do this by developing original content and sharing it with your audience. However, this puts a lot of pressure to churn out a large quantity of quality content in a limited time frame.

However, building your credibility as a thought leader and a dependable source of useful information doesn’t necessarily require you to constantly create original content. What will work just as well is identifying great content and sharing it with your audience. This will also help build your reputation as a business that really understands their niche.

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Be Clear Open and Honest

10 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Your conversion plays the biggest role in the success of everything you do online to generate revenue. Basically, the player with the highest conversion rate wins, since they’re getting more out of their marketing dollars at a less expensive rate per acquisition for a new customer, .

There are a few clever ways, however, to subtly tweak your website in order to boost your conversion rate to gain more customers for less money. Consider the following 10 ways to modify your site to increase your website conversion rates and enjoy more sales overall.

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Panda - Pengiun Updates

Donkey Cutts Game: target of a negative SEO campaign

Different people deal with problems in different ways, and the guys at NetVoucherCodes found a rather creative way of expressing their feelings towards the world of SEO after their website was the target of a negative SEO campaign. Instead of sitting and whining around, they created a replica of the famous Donkey Kong game, and switched the characters of the game with elements from the SEO world. The game instantly became viral, especially among the community of web developers and SEO specialists; however, besides bringing a lot of smiles, it also raised some important concerns regarding the universe of SEO, how hard it is to stay in the loop, and just how easy it can all go down.

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