How to Use Twitter for B2B Digital Marketing

Companies involved in the B2B industry are looking out for leads rather than individual customers. They are focused more on making long term leads than gathering many one-time end users of their product. B2B marketing is a marketing method where companies are looking to connect with other organizations that will purchase and use their products before reselling them – probably to another company or to the end user. This is why B2B marketing is much different from B2C marketing.

The former does not rely on flashy traditional advertising campaigns and B2B marketing caters to a more mature audience as companies involved are experts in the field. The internet is an excellent platform for B2B marketers and various social media websites are excellent channels for networking and finding B2B customers. Here are some tips to help companies nail B2B marketing on Twitter.

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Improve WordPress Comments System with Social Comments

Improve WordPress Comments System with Social Comments

The default comments system built into WordPress is very basic and not good as we expected to prevent spam (How To Stop WordPress Spam Comments?), connect to your audience… and it’s lacking of advanced functionality to improve the way to commenting on your website. Thankfully, WordPress plugins can help you done with threaded commenting (include in core comments system), use social media accout to login and comment, mark a comment as favorite/like/helpful or not …
The Social Comments System like Facebook, Google+, Disqus… breaking down the barriers between you and your audience. When someone reads an article on your site and wants to comment, they can now use one of their existing social networking accounts to post a comment.
Let’s take a look at some Social Comment Systems that will elevate you above the default WordPress comments system.

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Google Buzz Tips - The Missing Manual

Google Buzz Tips: The Missing Manual

Do you know Google Buzz? Buzz seem to be divided between those who think it will topple Facebook and those who have already discounted it.
The launch wasn’t a storming success, but Google Buzzis a pretty nifty tool – especially when you start mucking around with it.
Google Buzz is a new way to publish your ideas to the world or just to your closest friends, and start conversations about the things you find interesting. It has an option to see thumbnails with each post, and browse full-screen photos from popular sites.
Here are some tips that help you use Google Buzz in new interesting ways.

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