The Ultimate JQuery Mobile Plugins to Improve App UX

Enhancing a UX comes up as a Herculean task for most of the mobile app developers. One thing is for sure that it is only by gratifying the app users with good experience on an app makes it easier to lead to conversions, which are vitally important.

While talking about mobile application, with the advent of innovations in the UX/UI front, jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in use. It is always a difficult task for the developers to enhance UX through.

The primary purpose of augmenting JQuery in mobile was to simplify HTML5 implications. This includes – navigating, experience management, animation, and Ajax connections for rapid web development, or better said, to make things easier.

Over here we shall discuss the effective ways of using jQuery to improve your user experience. Certainly for any business to succeed in the app development front, improving UX is the utmost necessity.

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Synchronous UI for multiple devices and wearable

Mobile App UI Trends and Key Principles

At a time when we have already become used to great interactive user interface and smooth user experience in countless apps, it is very likely that apps lacking good UI and UX will not be tolerated. Thanks to an array of quality apps that we use frequently, our expectation and perception in relation to UI and UX is generally high. So, unlike the first generation app users we are more merciless to apps with underperforming UX and non user-optimized UI. Users got used to good app design and so design should get used to quality benchmark.

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The Timeless Designing Patterns for Enhancing the User Interface

The Timeless Designing Patterns for Enhancing the User Interface

Creating slick, chrome and fully functional mobile apps is on the agenda of every developer and designer. However, the superficiality of it all comes later. As a norm, comprehensible user interface is of the top priority and that’s what makes the task of creating mobile apps a lot more complicated and focus-driven.

Now, when we talk of user interface, we are quickly drawn to the user interface design patterns that have been dominating the trend from quite a while now. These trends have poured over a truckload of websites and applications all across the web realm, and examining these from the point of view of UX can be of a great deal of help to any designer who wishes to create designs that are not just visually appealing, but give the aspect of user-friendliness a springtime:

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