FREE Themeforest, CodeCanyon Premium files of the month – March 2014

Hello March, we’re getting near spring & summer season. So if you’re wanting to change your life or start with something – NOW is perfect time. But don’t forget to get some free files of the month on Envato Marketplaces: ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, 3DOcean, ActiveDen, PhotoDune, GraphicRiver, … Continue the listed of Envato Marketplaces Free Files of the Month – February 2014 in this post you will find a collection of March’s freebies.
They’re available from the 1st March until midnight on the 31st March (AEDT). Grab them while you can!

FREE Themeforest, CodeCanyon Premium files of the month
FREE Themeforest, CodeCanyon Premium files of the month

ThemeForest – 360 – Panoramic WordPress Theme

360 - Panoramic WordPress Theme
360 – Panoramic WordPress Theme

360° is really a one-of-kind theme that integrates a panoramic layout full of options and features that will rock your inner most theme buying desires. The goal for 360° was to offer big, bold imagery, but also preserve traditional blogging layouts, portfolios, and page templates.
360° is fully responsive, fully kick-ass theme that gives the user total control to create, to exhibit, to showcase photography and imagery ranging from the artist or photographer to the local business wanting to showcase their store, from the jeweler who wants to create bold impressions or just the small mom & pop restaurant who wants to offer a tour of their business. The options are nearly unlimited.

It’s cost $45 for Regular License but in this month you can get it FREE

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CodeCanyon – Flat manga

I love manga (Japanese commic style), I read it everyday :). With Flat manga, you can build your own manga reader website.

Flat Manga
Flat Manga
  • Easy setup Just input some details and with one clicks, your site go alive.
  • Powerful and professional admin pages Flat manga provides well-designed and well-made admin pages so that the site administrators can manage everything (mangas, chapters, and so on) easily.
  • Stable, light weight, and Reliable Flat manga using H0 Framework which is powerful and customizable. The framework also has an intensive internal caching system and optimized SQL implementation that make flat manga light weight.
  • Template system Modern design using bootstrap as default made Flat manga modern, up-to-dated and responsive. More templates can be found here
  • Locales system Easy to translate your site to other language with one files only. More locales can be found here
  • Dynamic Content and widget is dynamic, you can personalize your site as your own style, using html to make your site contenfull and unique
  • Informative interface Flat manga provide a very nice layout and user friendly interface. There are also tooltips and popover applied to the listing to have more information.
  • Stand-Alone Flat manga is a stand alone application but by using H0 Framework, you can interact Flat manga with other products using same Framework like forum, support board, etc.
  • Flexible manga chaptering Support non numerical manga chaptering so that you can have chapter like “Extra 01?, “Extra 02?, “Special 01?, etc.
  • Search engines friendly (SEO optimized) This application using friendly slug for friendly url, this slug also effect multi language, in English, the url is manga-something.html, in Vietnamese, it is: doc-truyen-something.html. Very dynamic. You also can customize the meta descriptions, page title and keywords for manga page, chapter page.
  • Clean code Flat manga is very well written and applies good coding structure that makes it stable and maintainable. It consists of several layers to handle the core process, theme system, module/add on system, page, and widgets

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ActiveDen – Real Snow Effect

Real Snow Effect
Real Snow Effect
  • All motions are AS3 based
  • You can drag and drop into your own file
  • No FPS problem
  • You can change snow models
  • You can change snow speed
  • You can add or remove wind
  • You can change wind direction left or right
  • You can change stage width and height for you own file
  • All models are vector graphic

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AudioJungle – Vintage Love

Vintage Love
Vintage Love

Something about memories… Example of using this track Two versions are included, as heard on preview:

  • Clean Version – 2:24
  • Original Version (with dirty piano and some noise elements) – 2:26

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VideoHive – One Canada Square

One Canada Square
One Canada Square

Low angle, time lapse, wide field shot of London’s famous city landmark – One Canada Square in the bustling city district of Canary Wharf. This tower (the one on the left) was formerly the UK’s tallest building.

Shot on a Canon L 16mm lens, the Fluffy white clouds reflect in the steel and glass buildings, as the camera dynamically tracks past a stationary lamp post with a gradual speed-up ramp towards the end.

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GraphicRiver – Pro HD Repair Kit

Pro HD Repair Kit
Pro HD Repair Kit


What the action does?

Make the Image highly large in size, gives extraordinary flashlight glow,professional cleans up the image, smartly sharpen up the image and edges, removes noise and gives a fresh look, A complete all rounder touch up kit for new and amateur photographers

What are the good qualities of this action?

this is an professional action,after the action does its work you can further the light level and sharpen details level. this action does its work professionally in a new separated group so it keeps your image unaffected and does not make any kind of merging


Select your image layer > select the action > hit play > DONE

The Pack Contains

  • Action File (Atn)
  • Help file.pdf (It tells you about how to change light level and sharpen level)
  • How to install a action in Photoshop screenshots.jpg
  • Image preview

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3DOcean – Textures Wood

Textures Wood
Textures Wood

57 textures Size: 4500×616 pexel in .jpg formar
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PhotoDune – Winter Scene

Winter Scene With Spectrum Light Bokeh In Grass
Winter Scene With Spectrum Light Bokeh In Grass

Horizontal Dark Image Of Spectrum Light Trough Ice On Grass In The Forest
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Download and use all files for free on your web pages, blogs and projects. This offer is for registered members only. All you have to do is create an account from one of the market places and you get access to all Envato Marketplaces.