HOW TO Unblocked resources with Google Webmaster Tools

For a several weeks before. The Google Webmaster reports has been forgotten. So I wasn’t encountered the blocked resources from GoogleBot which was increased everyday causing of Google Panda 4. With its ‘Fetch as Google’ feature within Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), it shows how these blocked resources matter.
The blocked resources follows the robots.txt directives for all files that Googlebot fetches, include JavaScript, CSS and image files. If your site’s robots.txt file disallows crawling of these assets, it directly harms how well their algorithms render and index your content.
In this post, I will explain how can I diagnosing blocked Googlebot issues and solve them with Google Webmaster Tools.

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Visitors Overview - Google Analytics

Fighting against Google Penguins and Pandas

Do you know I’m running some websites without making SEO daily or weekly. I just used a little SEO tweaks in the process of layout design. I never had an issue with Google Search and the page views and visitor increase day by day until one dreaded day. Google Search has updated with Penguin and Panda then my website fall down, one of them was almost disappeared on Google Search Results. Here’s my story, full of panic, with a lot of failed attempts to “fix” the site and a “recovery” from ugliness creatures on the internet.

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