11 thoughts on “Top 5 Best WordPress plugins to Enable Social Login (oAuth)”

  1. Hi,
    your share button on the left hides the text and I can’t read your article. Can you move it on another place please, it is very annoying

  2. HI, I am looking for a WordPress plugin that will allows users to post inside my wordpress when they create an account or login using their facebook or twitter accounts. Do you know a plugin that does this? I would also like it to automatically pull in their Twitter or facebook display image.

  3. Thanks for such useful information. I am using the Social Author plugin already and it’s awesome, however, the social login is the next step for which I needed idea. This one is really helpful in deciding which one should i go for!

  4. Hi, thanks for this very helpful article. I am creating a site where users will be able to post and vote on a topic (while logged in via a social site), but I want people who are not logged in to still be able to see vote results and peruse the site without having to be logged in. Can you recommend which of these options would work for that, if any? Thanks in advance.

  5. Social media is very popular billions of people are using facebook, instagram, twitter and other social networking websites, social networking websites can drive a lot of traffic. There are many other plugins also available.

  6. Can we fetch people’s google profile pics on comment thread? Most people who comment in my posts do not have gravatar profiles so whole comment section looks very empty kind of except my comment there (mostly my replies).

    Most of them use gmail accounts (because they fill gmail addresses while commenting, I can see it prior to approve their comments) so I got an idea to display their google+ profile pics on comment thread.

    Is it possible?

  7. Oh that’s nice work, Its awesome stuff for my personal blogs through i can easily manage my social bookmark accounts. You gave my required stuff so thanks for it dear admin.

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