Iterators and Generators- Things you need to know as a Javascript app developer

The JavaScript territory, as we know it, has always given innovators a lot of room to spread their wings. With the jQuery team continually setting new benchmarks via each Javascript release, the developers of the planet earth have found themselves to be a busy lot. Javascript 1.7. has been instrumental in paving way for a remarkably fresh development approach. Inundated by a rich collection of patterns, Javascript 1.7 is undeniably the finest Javascript version available till date.
While the JavaScript territory is massive, let me draw your focus on two very important and effective features that really give Javascript its adrenaline shot of relevancy – Iterators and Generators. I’ll highlight the most crucial aspects that you must know about these features for being able to take their advantage to the fullest. Hope the details covered here would encourage you to choose Javascript 1.7 without taking a second thought.

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