Why and How to remove jQuery-Migrate.

How to remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js?

WordPress 3.6+ uses the jQuery Migrate script (jquery-migrate.min.js or jquery-migrate.js) to ensure backward compatibility for any plugins or themes you might be using which use functionality for versions of jQuery older than 1.9. Most up-to-date frontend code and plugins don’t require jQuery Migrate module. In most cases, this simply adds unnecessary load to your site, lower your website speed and wast the server power. So in this tutorial, I am going to explain how to remove jQuery-Migrate from WordPress.

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Top 15 Free jQuery Plugins in January 2017

Be it for website development or mobile app development, jQuery has become one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in use today. A major reason for using jQuery is its capability to simplify HTML implications and build an agnostic interface that works consistently across multiple browsers, without any irregularities.

When jQuery burst onto the scene a decade ago, it helped to tackle the problem of bad native APIs or ones that did not support several features. The scenario has changed drastically and many of these API- and browser-related issues are no longer of much concern. However, with time, jQuery has evolved significantly and now adds more value in the process of creating a seamless UX for apps or websites.

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The Ultimate JQuery Mobile Plugins to Improve App UX

Enhancing a UX comes up as a Herculean task for most of the mobile app developers. One thing is for sure that it is only by gratifying the app users with good experience on an app makes it easier to lead to conversions, which are vitally important.

While talking about mobile application, with the advent of innovations in the UX/UI front, jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in use. It is always a difficult task for the developers to enhance UX through.

The primary purpose of augmenting JQuery in mobile was to simplify HTML5 implications. This includes – navigating, experience management, animation, and Ajax connections for rapid web development, or better said, to make things easier.

Over here we shall discuss the effective ways of using jQuery to improve your user experience. Certainly for any business to succeed in the app development front, improving UX is the utmost necessity.

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The downside of using jQuery for your website

The downside of using jQuery for your website

jQuery was released with much hype and an interesting tagline “Write less, do more” in the year 2006. Almost a decade has passed since jQuery saw the light of the day and this decade that has gone by, has made it a must have tool for every web developer. This discrete JavaScript library kept evolving and improving in the last 9 years and the stable release version of jQuery was made available for user download in April, 2015. The benefits and flexibility jQuery offers to web developers are many and unique.
The tagline “Write less, do more” is self explanatory to define how it has made life easy for HTML code writers. Multiple functions can be performed with a single line code with jQuery. jQuery also adds another dimension to web designing by providing cross-platform compatibility and efficient use of plug-ins.

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Iterators and Generators- Things you need to know as a Javascript app developer

The JavaScript territory, as we know it, has always given innovators a lot of room to spread their wings. With the jQuery team continually setting new benchmarks via each Javascript release, the developers of the planet earth have found themselves to be a busy lot. Javascript 1.7. has been instrumental in paving way for a remarkably fresh development approach. Inundated by a rich collection of patterns, Javascript 1.7 is undeniably the finest Javascript version available till date.
While the JavaScript territory is massive, let me draw your focus on two very important and effective features that really give Javascript its adrenaline shot of relevancy – Iterators and Generators. I’ll highlight the most crucial aspects that you must know about these features for being able to take their advantage to the fullest. Hope the details covered here would encourage you to choose Javascript 1.7 without taking a second thought.

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Gear HTML5 Audio Player

Top 10+ Awesome jQuery Media Player Plugins for Handling Audio & Video

Handling Website’s Audio and Video in web browser without native player and flash is big problem in several years ago. Times have changed and nowadays, when audio and video are used on web, is used with the help of Javascripts and HTML5. Since most of the people want to display videos and audios on their websites and this can be done by jQuery Audio Video Player Plugins.
If you looking for the internet, you’ll find ton of Javascripts and HTML5 player. So, in this article I’m going to write about 10+ Awesome Video and Audio Player jQuery Plugins which are free, lightweight, features rich, responsive and accessibility.

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25+ Useful jQuery Plugins for Working With Social Media

25+ Useful jQuery Plugins for Working With Social Media

Due to growing popularity of social networking sites every body wants to grow their site traffic through these social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Dzone etc… Every business whether small or big is doing its best to spread a word about its activities through Social Media. They help the websites and bloggers to generate new and high traffic by telling people that how many other people like this website and blogs. This is the reason the integration of Social Media into websites has become more essential now.

jQuery offers various solutions in form of plugins and widgets that are really helpful. You can choose a tool that can appropriately meet your social media promotional needs but finding them may not be easy as it seems.

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Colorful Sliders With jQuery & CSS3

15 Unique jQuery Plugins For Everyones Needs

By default, the standard HTML element is pretty much annoying. It’s ugly. Almost project which I’ve done, I was asked to create a form that is far removed from the look of standard browser. It seems there are so many references and guides out there it’s easy to get lost. When it comes to adding JavaScript functionality to a website, jQuery has become the solution of choice for web designers and developers.
The great thing about jQuery is that talented jQuery developers often release new and useful plugins on a regular basis. jQuery plugins are not only easy to implement, but easy to maintain even when used throughout large sites. In this article, we share with you a list of 15 unique and useful jQuery plugins that were released recently that could help you for your next web project. It’s not popular but it’s very useful in projects of a single individual.

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