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Security and Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing

Security and Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing

First thought comes to mind when we ask about the cloud, a majority of people would say it is an actual cloud or anything related to weather. Cloud computing is not a new concept in IT field. In simple term, cloud computing is a model which widely available, convenient network access to share pool of computing resources like servers, storage, application with minimal efforts.

Cloud computing involves using internet hosting rather than local severs, to make data and services easily accessible across locations and devices. It is a system where most businesses and people work from more than one computing device. Cloud computing can refer to either the applications or services delivered through the internet as well as to the software and hardware that facilitate these services. Commercial, public cloud services include Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), Microsoft’s Azure, and Google’s suite of apps including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

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Why What And How Your Website Needs Z-Design

“If something fulfills its function, it is inherently beautiful” ~ Socrates
As per the halo effect of cognitive biases, a particular trait more specifically good characteristics, influences a user and extends to other qualities of the person and this effect biases one’s decision with the tendency to focus on good. This news ran rife when the competition in web development transcended to a great level.

As the web has transpired to be a one of the most reckoning force, no business owner is ready to compromise with their online business, and when it comes to the face of any business, you got to be great shakes to edge out competition.

The resultant of this has brought got the designers working on the mathematics behind a great design improvements and have come up with some exceptional web designs. Web design is no more just a pretty face that allows the user to browse through the designs but has emerged as a great engagement tool for the users.

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Synchronous UI for multiple devices and wearable

Mobile App UI Trends and Key Principles

At a time when we have already become used to great interactive user interface and smooth user experience in countless apps, it is very likely that apps lacking good UI and UX will not be tolerated. Thanks to an array of quality apps that we use frequently, our expectation and perception in relation to UI and UX is generally high. So, unlike the first generation app users we are more merciless to apps with underperforming UX and non user-optimized UI. Users got used to good app design and so design should get used to quality benchmark.
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Automated Migration

Rethinking Website Data Migration: A Revolutionary Approach

Long gone are the days when websites could be created only by professional programmers. The evolution of site building methods has resulted in the birth of Content Management Systems, software products engineered specifically to allow building and maintaining web projects of any complexity with minimal effort and coding knowledge. CMSs enable dynamic content creation, provide customized design options, and offer an extensive functionality allowing to construct the site of any type. But despite the general benefits of using CMSs as a method, each separate platform has it’s own pros and cons, therefore it’s important to choose the fitting solution and be prepared to migrate across them, in case you feel like you’d be better with a different option.
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Content Marketing Strategy

Significance of the Impact of Content Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing has made it possible for businesses to access feedback instantly. Content marketing provides a long-term solution to adding value and enhancing online marketing campaigns. In order to appreciate fully the impact of content marketing, you need to measure it in line with set marketing objectives.
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CAGR from 2012 to 2017

Boost Your Online Profits With Website Monitoring Services

Consumers now prefer to shop online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, it is predicted that the online retail sales will increase to $370 in 2017.
Let’s have a look at a few other statistics that will make you learn about the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping:

  • Based on a survey conducted by “The Intelligence Group (TIG)”, it was observed that nearly 72% of Millennials search for their favorite products and shop for them online prior to going to any store/mall.
  • Over 80% of the online surfers have already made purchases over the web, and more than 50% of consumers have purchased using the Internet more than once.
  • Around 36% of the online population spend over 30 minutes and 16% spend more than 16 minutes, in comparison shopping before making the final decision on buying their choice of products and so on.
  • In most of the companies 90% of their decisions relating to purchasing begins with an online search.

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Exposing Various Aspects Upon Which A Thriving Responsive Typography Hinges

Exposing Various Aspects Upon Which A Thriving Responsive Typography Hinges

With the web being 99% typography, typography makes a foundation of web design and interaction. Having said this, it is clear how preeminent the typography is for creating a successful website or web application.

Gone are the day when we had a specific number of devices. Although today, we have a great control over our work, it can’t be gainsaid that the ever-fluctuating pool of devices has created more complications than ever before. Thus, an attempt to accomplish the work without taking the key fundamentals into account could ruin all your efforts.
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The Hidden Pitfalls of Using Google Analytics for Ecommerce Business Analysis

The Hidden Pitfalls of Using Google Analytics for Ecommerce Business Analysis

In Google Analytics we trust.

The research by an analytical service Built With shows that overall 28,534,626 active sites are using Google Analytics. The service has proved its reliability and is rightfully considered the best tool for web analytics. With Google Analytics you can easily track the key metrics of your site, better understand your visitors’ behavior and monitor effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

But how useful can the service be for eCommerce analysis? Can it be an effective ally in the battle for customers’ money?

The answer is ‘yes’. And ‘no’.

On the one hand, the service can deliver some valuable sales stats. On the other, missing transactions, and issues with PayPal don’t let you get a coherent account on each aspect of your store sales performance.

In this post we will look at the exact Google Analytics problems an eСommerce store owner can face and learn how to track eCommerce metrics 100% accurately.

Let it roll.

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