HOW TO Solve Common NGINX Problems

If you’re new or old to Nginx, you’ll facing with some problems, some of them can be solve easy with simple steps but we spend a lot time to research and fix it. Why? Did you know? The most frequent issue we see happens when someone attempts to just copy and paste a configuration snippet from some other guide. It’s the answer.
I write this article to collect all the ways which I used for solved most common Nginx problems during VPS / Server setup process. That mean this post will continuing update until I move to another web server softwares.

Varnish + Nginx in comparison with Nginx alone, which is better?

I choosed Nginx alone without Varnish because I’ve found Varnish ~5% faster for small static files than Nginx but I will have to spend more time to maintaining and configuring it to works as I experct. It is not worth my effort!
This arctile will explain the reason that I don’t use Varnish with Nginx like Apache before.

Blitz Test Result

Configuring Apache/PHP/MySQL for Low Memory (RAM) VPS

On a VPS with 512MB of RAM and less, problems can arise if steps aren’t taken to reduce usage. MySQL and Apache can consume quite a bit of memory, if you’re not careful. This post discusses how to reduce the amount of memory they use without killing performance.