Keeping Client Testimonial On Website: Is It Right & Still Effective!

Is it really possible that the addition of single element can revamp the graph of profits multiple times and create engagement of your business with more reliable customers influentially? The answer is yes as you can do it by putting client testimonials and reviews on your website. It is considered as the fundamental task to elevate the number of sold products and attain appreciable traffic & search engine ranking. However, it is simple task and important too, but a few people are still confused that does it really work for the business growth?

Using testimonials, client reviews, and positive comments given by the clients, you make your site powerful and trustworthy among the visitors. With this fruitful approach, more customers rely on your services and think you are the credible source for them to purchase the products. You can use them in the form of text, video, and audio, depending on the requisites & format of website. It turns sales pitch into unbiased recommendations that are reliable and compel the visitors to seal the product quickly.

Let’s Analyze Some Pivotal Points That Explain Client Testimonials’ Indispensability

  • Helpful To Build Trust

    Having testimonials on the websites is profitable in both situations, whether the customers are sharing their positive thoughts about your product or raving about them, because they influence the audience who visit your website. In this way, clients’ words leave positive impact on new visitors’ minds related to the company and service it offers.

  • Client Reviews Should Not Seem Salesy

    They never like salesy as testimonials have actually provided by the clients in their words and that can be in any form including voice, text or audio. Standing out your company position, they depict how well services or products you render to the clients!

  • Outdo Skepticism Exclusively

    An ideal testimonial always owns dominance to persuade the visitors, which indirectly boosts product selling and entices your tough to convince visitors to seal the deal. This is actually the prime aim of every business to earn sale and overcome skepticism of the customers.

According to BrightLocal, almost 88% consumers show their trust in the online recommendations more than the recommendations given by their family & friends. In the same ratio, consumers decide whether they’ll work with that particular brand or not basis of online reviews.

It is advantageous to leverage client positive feedback on the landing page of your website, because it is the place where maximum people will look for. Definitely, it is the strength of a company and also aids the owner to win the trust of their clients.

What Sort of Testimonial Presentation Would Be Enticing & Effective!

Depending on the website type you own, testimonials should be endorsed either to promote your company personally or services you offer. Make sure that the added personal client reviews highlight your key attributes and the best skills effectively, whereas business testimonials need be surrounded with attractiveness, products, and positive spin about your brand.

To understand the actual value of putting client reviews on the website, we are going to discuss how to elevate site as much as possible using testimonials.

1. Have Testimonials Short & Attractive

The length of site testimonials should be ideal, so be ensured that their full attention is paid to the service. It is good to have short and catchy lines rather than massive passage, because time is precious and no one has it enough to spend on reading long paragraphs entailed with testimonials. Reviews in short para are attention grabbing and capable of alluring the customers as they seem real.

2. Use Phrases & Highlight them in Testimonials

Besides keeping short and attractive testimonials, it is also important to include phrases in the testimonials and highlight them in either bold or italic to incredible stand out every review. An array of visitors usually skim in the real. Now the question is how to attain focus? This is all easily possible through highlighting phrasal words as these are memorable.

3. Make The Recommenders’ Section Presentable

You may frame all your recommenders and use them in presentable manner and make sure that the images should be in high resolution, live, and professional to be paired with short testimonials. The impact of photographs includes a level of trust which is beyond the words. Don’t forget to add their name, company name, and job title. Linking is advantageous to either the recommenders’ company site or their LinkedIn profile.

PSDtoWordPressExpert is a good example of high-quality presentation that you can see over its testimonial page. This page is integrated with big & clear client images and their reviews that are in italic style packed with client names as well as their respective places.


4. Structure & Position of Testimonials Should Be Noticeable

Try to use an elegant and professional structure for testimonials and their position should be easy to be noticed. Horizontal listing, bullet points, slider, and paragraph, all these are popular patterns used in testimonial section to lure the eyes of more visitors. It is standard to keep professional & slick photographs with bold text, position and name of the recommenders for their identification.

Check the slider testimonials at No-refresh for Instance:

At the mid of homepage, No-refresh comprises its clients’ reviews with clear and high resolution images. All the mentioned testimonials here are short and readable along with the names of Client. Testimonials are maintained beautifully in sliders and do not occupy too much space. They are in a form like:

  • Client image + reviews + Client name + job position
  • Client image + reviews + Client name + website name
  • Client image + reviews + Client name + job position + website name


  • The impressive testimonials are composed with tons of advantages. Let’s take a simple example:

    “The product you guys offer is awesome!”

    This example sounds nice, but only to hear. In reality, it does not convey the message about what sort of products you offer to them.

  • If you want to attain benefits from your products beyond the expectations, then the reviews must be centered about the products such as:

    “Your great product has made the pain from my shoulders disappear and my business runs fast now. I am happy with your service which is commendable and saves a lot of time.”

  • Testimonials affirm the claim. Suppose, you say that your service can meet all your needs easily, then they must substantiate your promise containing the actual figures. How much time and money consumers can save via your products and how would it prove to be helpful to tackle the problems. The positive reviews came from your clients need to target the market and identify your position in the industry.
KissMetric Testimonial
KissMetric Testimonial

Kissmetrics’s testimonial page is one of the inspiring examples for the website owners as this site comprises testimonials in a spectacular manner with numbers. The used numbers undoubtedly grasp the visitors’ attention and influence them positively. For example:

10x increase in the upgrading, 30% more conversion, 750% enhancement in flex sale, etc.

  • It has been widely accepted that the testimonials are credible source. Hence, they must be enriched with the client’s first & last name, location, etc. It defines your endorsement with the client is absolutely real and always endeavors to use them along with a clear photo.
  • You can make them more powerful by bringing at the next level and you can do it using video or audio testimonials that leave maximum and eye-catching effect for a long time. Try to put your best efforts to earn the positive testimonial in either video or audio form from the client, which is fruitful to engage the visitors.
  • The comparative testimonials are lucrative and considered the best to establish reliable position among the target visitors. You like the customers to know about what your product can actually do for them.

How To Use Testimonials for Productivity Enhancement!

Strategy to Put Testimonials Effectively on The Website

If you have collected testimonials from your clients, then share them with your visitors by keeping them on the site. But, you also make sure their possible use by focusing on following points:

  • Add testimonials either in front or center of the homepage that can be in used in sidebars or just above headline, depending on the layout of site.
  • Manage the entire web page dedicated to ingeniously glowing reviews. Furthermore, add link of your testimonial page to go through the complete list of the testimonials.
  • It’s good to have at least one or two testimonials on each page so that customers can find positive reviews on every page. Surely, it would make them to stay at your site and compel to purchase the product/service.
  • In the right middle of homepage, you may also use client reviews to consistently maintain the readers’ full focus on your site’s credibility in a form of benefits to buy the products.


Testimonials are valuable to reassure the visitors that your company is the most trustworthy, professional, and well-noted for offering high-quality services/products. All the points that we have covered in this post are undoubtedly worthwhile for small to large enterprises. So, don’t hesitate to opt for and apply to get more benefits.