Make Big Profits with your website this Halloween

Halloween is a major festival that occurs in the end of October. This is just another happening and fun festival, like Christmas that moves several people around the world. The money spent on this festival is huge! You need to wear costumes to celebrate Halloween. But you can also gain big profits with this festival, now for some people this is just a festival that is exciting where you get to party wearing costumes and have fun, but for some sensible people on the internet it is a lucrative opportunity to make more profits!
But how does this happen? Yes we all know that the sales of costume wears rises, and people tend to buy more tangible goods, but what about service companies like digital marketing concerns and website developing companies, how do such companies make profits that don’t even have a physical existence? Well they do! And big time! Provided they follow a thought through strategy.
If you are an ecommerce website maker then people or e-tailers who deal with costumes and Halloween giveaways will want you to showcase their offers o your ecommerce website, you may even get clients who want to get a web design on the theme of Halloween with a customized logo design, web design and brochures etc.

Make Big Profits with your website this Halloween
Make Big Profits with your website this Halloween

If you are web developing company, you can experience a huge amount of clicks from users on all your different promotions, there will numerous such people who would want you to search on web domain names that are to do with Halloween and then register it for their brand, for example best Halloween dress on a .com domain, the seo efforts of any web brand also get a boost, by having customized blogs, images and articles. For search engine optimization purposes, you have to create a web page with customized content, like articles and blogs, and then you can optimize them for the search engines. This is a time where both designers and content writers can explore their creative side and create some dreamy and imaginative Halloween themes, images and taglines.

The search engine optimization process is essentially the same as what you would do for any page on your website that you would want to be found on popular search engines, but the exception lies in the targeting, you will obviously have to target Halloween themed keywords.
So do a quick search on the most searched keywords with the ad word tool and then place them in the title tag, meta and keywords so that search engines can pick up your site when they are indexed, you should also use image tags when you save and make the artwork live on your website.
To get success with search engines you should always target keywords and phrases that more accurately represent a search that is targeted rather than a comprehensive or general search term, example, ‘cheap Halloween coupons’ might be highly searched and focused whereas ‘Halloween’ is just a very general keyword. And is also competitive so you will have to work hard – very hard to gain a position on the web with this keyword but with a focused approach you will gain a position on popular search engines. Get you a higher click through rate.
Also if you are a business owner and you have a web presence online or if you are a e-seller then don’t be upset or worry too much about your promotion not doing well, and I say this because a good seasonal promotion will drive your sales high when it’s the rise time of that season, all the search traffic will give you a boost in profits. And if you get a conversion then that’s the best! However even if you get just a higher click through rates, that not bad either
Another thing that can be made use of in this season is that of video marketing, the power of video animation cannot be declined on search engines at anytime, your clients may also ask you to do a fun video animation about Halloween and then offer a discount or add a call to action creating awareness about their brand. One of the most sensible ways to market your website is by making a video review about the product being promoted or about to be promoted, once done upload the video on YouTube.
These are some very basic steps that will help you make huge money with your website on Halloween. You can also design email campaigns and send them out to your existing customers.

On a more creative note, a way to make a website more and more amusing with this theme is by incorporating the right Halloween images with attractive kind of props in both design and content. You can use lines like trick or treat, just treats this season, no tricks just treats, sales in the Halloween pumpkin jar, and so on. You should also try your best to make or get developed a website that is easy to navigate and understand as much as possible, because people who shop from the web are the ones who want to save on money and time both, and usually this is what they get as internet shopping can be economically priced and time can be saved as one doesn’t have to go to a mall and then shop for what they want, and similarly the same in case of service industries
Also clients are keener on using the different discount coupons offered to them via different offers in several promotions. It is a premium time for every person to save on money if buying something tangible for their Halloween party or to save on big money if getting a website logo or email campaign designed with the theme of this season.
Having a Halloween picture gallery, with the logos and websites designed on those themes or doing a photo competition and photo collages on your social media pages is also a very good idea for gaining a more interactive level with your customers.
Offer customized discount coupons, everyone on the internet and every online marketer offers a discount on the services they offer, and now what will be the one distinguishing factor that will or can set you apart from the rest of the competitors? It is how you customize the discount
Customize it with your services and the theme, link them both. For example you can offer a special discount for Halloween where a customer can get a special discount of 20 % on e mail marketing software, where they can get such templates designed that are to do with Halloween itself, because this will help people promote their own business with this season and you can earn profits at the back end.
Don’t neglect the importance of these activities because competitors will be offering discounts and promotions on Halloween, to the best of their business and profit making potential.
If you have a bigger budget then you can also give away freebies on Halloween say for instance if you’re a website making company, then you can offer a free logo design for each website design being done by your company. Similarly if you are a e-seller then offering a delicate freebie with a costume such as pumpkin cakes or an invite to the most happening Halloween party in town, will do just the trick for you!
You can also hold a Halloween competition or tell your developers to create a quiz about Halloween to gain a higher rate of customer or viewer participation, making them stay on your page for a duration that is more than 30 seconds, this will help your website get indexed even better and will get you great search engine traffic results, what will be even better is if you can add an option of sharing the results of the competitions and quizzes with attractive Halloween images! Everyone likes to show off their scores on social media. You can make a pop up with a free trick or treat bag or pumpkins or candies. These Halloween images can have the logo of your company features or the service can be features on which the customers will get a discount on Halloween, you can use attractive Halloween vectors and do the same in an animation.
What can be even more productive is that if you can measure the success of your previous Halloween promotions and work on them this year with more focused strategies. For example If you are a digital design company who send out a Halloween email promotion offering a discount last year, then you can measure the clicks you gained, look in to the regions that gave you the most clicks, check if there were any conversions. If yes then which service was preferred the most? Once you figure it all out you can do an even fancier promotion this year to attract already existing members to logon to your website and entice the potential customers to do the same. According to many researches a good number or percentage of online buyers will wait till the end of the month to get a discount on all several online deals and packages. And you can make use of all these opportunities to make big profits on this exuberating occasion.