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Tips to make your Stand-Out WordPress Website

Tips to make your Stand-Out WordPress Website

From the last few years, most of the website owners are using the advanced features to make their site visually engaging and inviting. If you are also looking for an excellent option to enhance the design of your site, then you should create and develop your website on WordPress.

WordPress is an excellent Content Management System and blogging platform that comes with thousands of astonishing themes and plugins that allows a user to craft a fully-featured websites for their businesses.

If you are a newbie WordPress user, then you can allow the theme to enhance the look and feel of your website’s design. With the help of WP themes, you can create an eye-arresting, engaging and professional looking design that can help you get more visitors with ease. In fact, you should give more importance to your site’s design than your content.

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8 Silly Mistakes a Wordpress Developer Always Makes and Regrets Later

8 Silly Mistakes a WordPress Developer Always Makes and Regrets Later

WordPress is the most widely used CMS all across the Globe. It has always been the industry leader, topping the popularity charts ever since its introduction. In fact it is surprising that the WordPress is so far ahead in popularity that the next most popular CMS on the list comes nowhere even close to it with its market share. WordPress stands at an impressive 60% and Joomla at a mere 9% of CMS market share as per 2014 figures.
What attracts users towards WordPress is that it is easy to use and even beginners are able to use it without much training. WordPress has been around since 2003 and it is not difficult to find online tutorials which help users to use it and create their websites. Over 60 million websites today depend on WordPress for publishing and managing their content, which highlights the fact that WordPress is not only used by novice bloggers but by professional web developers as well.
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iOS Weather Flat Design

Digging Up Flat UI Design And Its Key Principles

The inception of flat design has created a great buzz among the entire design community. It possesses a great place in the digital world as it has revolutionized both web and mobile designs with an optimal approach.

There are numerous factors that have contributed to the need of a minimalist design. To better understand its massive popularity across the globe and its usage, let’s ponder into its history.

A flat design is completely opposite to the skeuomorphic design approach. It simply corresponds exactly to its name “FLAT” and thus, doesn’t possess any 3D component. This means flat design doesn’t embrace any visual depth in the UI elements.
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Security Ninja

WordPress Plugins to Scan for Hidden Malwares & Malicious Code

WordPress websites are a common target for hackers, spammers, and other malicious parties because it’s most popular CMS software that used by people either for simple blogging or other purposes. There are too many methods to infect your website with malware but the most common way is tweak or add the malicious codes into the themes, plugins for their own gain. Some of the common reasons are to get a backlink from your blog, to add adverts, redirect your website to spam links or worst of all to create a backdoor access to your website.

In this article, we would like to show you services and plugin solutions that will help you detect malicious code on your WordPress website. There are both free and paid tools available to scan your WordPress site for potentially malicious or unwanted code
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WordPress Automatic Update – How do I config & control it?

WordPress Automatic Update has been introduced from WordPress 3.7+ This release is mainly focused on improving security and stability of WordPress. Most sites are now able to automatically apply these updates in the background. By default, your WordPress site will update itself when a new minor or security update is released. Fortunately, you’ll still need to click Update Now for major feature releases to avoid incompatible with your themes and plugins.
The WordPress Automatic Update activated and running in background, no configuration options are exposed in the UI. To change the behavior, you’ll need to modify your wp-config.php file, or using filters allows for fine-tuned control of automatic updates. The best place to put these filters is in a must-use plugin.
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WordPress Multisite vs Multiple WordPress Installations

WordPress Multisite vs Multiple WordPress Installations

You’ve probably heard about the powerful WordPress Multisite — the WordPress configuration that lets a user launch several sites off their main site. And I’ve been reading a lot of questions here regarding about multiple blogs/sites in one WordPress installation.
If you’re new to WordPress or feel confusing about Pros & Cons of WordPress Multisite versus Multiple WordPress Instalation. Read on, I will explain about the problems / benefits of a single multisite install, versus several separate installs.
Then I will you help me take the right way out.
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Stop & Fix WordPress Ask for FTP Credentials

Stop & Fix WordPress Ask for FTP Credentials Upgrade and Install New themes, plugins

Have you ever got the message Connection Information and a form is prompting you to enter FTP information when doing updates, delete, install new themes or plugins?
I saw that message after move all my hosting files from default location to other place that allows my website running on VPS with lower permission to increase the security.
This problem is very easy to fix and stop WordPress Ask for FTP Credentials again but you will frustrating sometimes of trying to get it done if you don’t know the causing of this problem.
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How to Lose Weight and Reduce the Size of WordPress Installation

In Cloud Hosting Generation, you don’t care about the web hosting storage like some years back. But it’s note mean you don’t really care about WordPress size that included total files size and database size. Too large WordPress total file size is most backup and restore known issues. Trust me, it’s hard to store and manage large amounts of data. In some previous posts, I’ve mentioned about the ways to backup, clean and optimize WordPress database then in this post, we will talking about How to Lose Weight and Reduce the Size of WordPress by reduce images file size, remove bloat files, delete unused plugins or themes
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IE Market Shares - January 2014

How to help IE 8, 7, 6 more compatible with HTML5, CSS3 & MediaQueries

Since January 2014, Internet Explorer 11 availability with Windows 8.1, Firefox 26 and Google Chrome 32 has released. Have you known? IE8 is most used as web browser in IE Market Shares. As a web designer/developer, it’s always our goal to give our website visitors better experience on viewing our site. That’s why I recommend you take care of your website layouts (WordPress themes, Joomla Templates …) with old browsers, especialy for earlier versions of IE.

IE Market Shares - January 2014
IE Market Shares – January 2014. Image Copyright by The Next Web.

The following will allow your sites to quickly and almost magically work better in Microsoft’s flagship browser!

Browsers Detection

Many people don’t know this, but WordPress provides several global variables that we can use to do browser detection.. The variables WordPress provides are as follows: $is_lynx, $is_gecko, $is_IE, $is_winIE, $is_macIE, $is_opera, $is_NS4, $is_safari, $is_chrome, $is_iphone.
If you’re not using WordPress, here is little PHP magic to detect the User Agent:

if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'MSIE 6') !== false) {
	// do something

We can use this result to tell the user’s browsers how to rendering your website layouts which has built with HTML5 and CSS3.

Include third-party scripts to your themes

There are 3 really helpful scripts that add better compatibility for “modern” things such as responsive design, CSS pseudo-classes and attribute selectors as well as HTML5 tags.

htmlshiv.js – HTML5 Support

The HTML5 Shiv enables use of HTML5 sectioning elements in legacy Internet Explorer and provides basic HTML5 styling for Internet Explorer 6-9, Safari 4.x (and iPhone 3.x), and Firefox 3.x.

HTML5 Shiv is maintained by Alexander Farkas, Jonathan Neal and Paul Irish, with many contributions from John-David Dalton. It is also distributed with Modernizr, and the two google code projects, html5shiv and html5shim, maintained by Remy Sharp.

HTML5 Shiv Usage

Include the HTML5 shiv in the <head> of your page in a conditional comment and after any stylesheets.

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
    <script src="bower_components/html5shiv/html5shiv.js"></script>

HTML5 Shiv works as a simple drop-in solution. In most cases there is no need to configure HTML5 Shiv or use methods provided by HTML5 Shiv.

selectivizr.js – CSS pseudo-class support

selectivizr is a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8. Simply include the script in your page’s &lt;head&gt; and selectivizr will do the rest.

Selectivizr Usage

To use the library, you’ll need to include one of the supported libraries:

  • jQuery (1.3+)
  • Dojo (1.5.0+)
  • Prototype (1.6.1+)
  • Yahoo UI Library (2.8.0+)
  • DOMAssistant (2.8.0+)
  • MooTools (1.3+)
  • NWMatcher (1.2.3+)

Then add the following conditional comment AFTER your stylesheets:

<script type="text/javascript" src="[JS library]"></script>
<!--[if (gte IE 6)&(lte IE 8)]>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="selectivizr.js"></script>
  <noscript><link rel="stylesheet" href="[fallback css]" /></noscript>

An absolute must for your modern projects. Only loaded for old IE’s.

respond.js – Mediaquery support

A fast & lightweight polyfill for min/max-width CSS3 Media Queries (for IE 6-8, and more). The goal of this script is to provide a fast and lightweight (3kb minified / 1kb gzipped) script to enable responsive web designs in browsers that don’t support CSS3 Media Queries – in particular, Internet Explorer 8 and under. It’s written in such a way that it will probably patch support for other non-supporting browsers as well (more information on that soon).

Usage Instructions

  1. Craft your CSS with min/max-width media queries to adapt your layout from mobile (first) all the way up to desktop. @media screen and (min-width: 480px){ ...styles for 480px and up go here }
  2. Reference the respond.min.js script (1kb min/gzipped) after all of your CSS (the earlier it runs, the greater chance IE users will not see a flash of un-media’d content)
  3. Crack open Internet Explorer and pump fists in delight

This isn’t the only CSS3 Media Query polyfill script out there; if you’re looking for more robust CSS3 Media Query support, you might check out CSS3 MediaQuery.js

Conditional Comments

CSS and JavaScript issues within each version of IE present us with layout and functionality issues. Luckily Internet Explorer has been supporting conditional comments which allow us to target blocks of HTML toward all IE browsers or specified IE browsers.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!--[if lt IE 7 ]> <html class="ie6" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 7 ]>    <html class="ie7" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 8 ]>    <html class="ie8" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 9 ]>    <html class="ie9" lang="en"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if (gt IE 9)|!(IE)]><!--> <html lang="en"> <!--<![endif]-->

This snippet doesn’t require or wait on JavaScript but it looks so ugliest as you’ve ever seen. While we all dislike Internet Explorer’s bugs, their conditional comment syntax provides us a perfect method for fixing them quickly because ugly or not, the fact remains that this code workers exactly as intended.

Conditional Comments Syntax Table

Item Example Comment
! [if !IE] The NOT operator. This is placed immediately in front of the feature, operator, or subexpression to reverse the Boolean meaning of the expression.
lt [if lt IE 5.5] The less-than operator. Returns true if the first argument is less than the second argument.
lte [if lte IE 6] The less-than or equal operator. Returns true if the first argument is less than or equal to the second argument.
gt [if gt IE 5] The greater-than operator. Returns true if the first argument is greater than the second argument.
gte [if gte IE 7] The greater-than or equal operator. Returns true if the first argument is greater than or equal to the second argument.
( ) [if !(IE 7)] Subexpression operators. Used in conjunction with boolean operators to create more complex expressions.
& [if (gt IE 5)&(lt IE 7)] The AND operator. Returns true if all subexpressions evaluate to true
| [if (IE 6)|(IE 7)] The OR operator. Returns true if any of the subexpressions evaluates to true.

Use Vendor Prefixes for specified browser

Using vendor prefixes will save you a lot of time without worrying if the browser supports your CSS.

Check out the following list of vendor prefixes.

  1. Safari and Chrome -webkit-
  2. Firefox -moz-
  3. Opera -o-
  4. Internet Explorer -ms-


And there we go. Somewhat better browser support and less headache if you want to attempt to support old version of Internet Explorer.