Using Adobe Kuler to find and create various color schemes

Adobe Kuler is an internet application from Adobe Systems that lets people try out, create and save various color schemes, they now have an API for developers. Additionally, you can reach the Kuler extension from any Creative Suite 4 product or use the Desktop Air Kuler application.

Kuler (not sure if it rhymes with “color” or “cooler“) lets you browse other users’ themes or create your own using a drag-and-drop color wheel and/or numerical settings (RGB, CMYK, etc.). You can title, tag, save and publish your themes, and download them as Adobe Swatch Exchange files for use in Creative Suite 2 applications (like Photoshop).

Kuler is a flash based site that gives you a good idea what combination of colors you should be used, a good resource for inspiration seeker. Each color themes in kuler are submitted by users, rated by users themselves. Sort by popularity if you want quick result; use Search if you are looking for color themes in particular; keep clicking next and scout the color themes if you have the time but kuler have like, what, 7000 color themes?. If you are an Apple user, kuler has something extra for you – kuler Apple Dashboard widget.

Kuler Desktop Air Widget
Kuler Desktop Air Widget

Whether you are a design professional or a beginner, there will always be a situation, where it’s hard to find the right color theme for a project. This is where Kuler comes in. Kuler not only provides a huge number of color themes, it’s also build on an active community, which creates and publishes the color palettes we are talking about. Let’s learn how to set up an Adobe ID, to log in to the Adobe Kuler website, to browse, save, create and publish your own color variations.

With Kuler API offering, developers can request RSS feeds for the highest rated, most popular, and most recent themes that have been posted to Kuler, and integrate them within their own web sites. However, the API does not allow for commercial use. You’ll remember that Kuler is a user-generated community for color themes, specifically to be used for website designs.

You can try Kuler online at no charge by visit