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5 Ways WordPress Helps Blog Monetization

There are more than 152 million blogs on the Internet, according to a November 2013 post in the online WordPress blogging magazine WP Virtuoso, and a new blog is created somewhere in the world every half-second. That adds up to a whole lot of blogs, but not every blog is a moneymaker for its owner. Blogging probably won’t make you obscenely rich, but it can earn you a decent income if you’re willing to work at it. However, some platforms are better for monetization than others, and of the numerous blogging platforms available, WordPress is arguably the best one for those who wish to reach a large audience and are serious about monetizing their blogs.

WordPress provides numerous monetization options, as well as flexibility and outstanding support. And its self-hosting version,, offers a range of plugins that can help make monetization even easier.
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Themeforest, CodeCanyon… May’s Free File of The Month

Every month the Envato brings you a collection of spectacular Marketplace items you can download absolutely free of charge as free file of the month. Although many of the items are definitely worth buying, getting a little something free each month does sweeten the pot and make you keep coming back for more. Here are the files which you can get for free for May 2014. They’re available from the International Workers’ Day until midnight on the the end of May, 2014 (AEDT). Each user is entitled to one free regular license. Grab them while you can!

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Keep HTML and CSS Markup Flexible with CSS Selectors

CSS selectors are one of the more neglected parts of the specification and CSS selectors are still not used to their full potential. You may sometimes spend too much time trying to solve a problem that you could more easily solve by using CSS selectors.
Today, I’m listing the list of CSS Selectors you Must Memorize if your want to keep your code (include HTML markup) and your stylesheets flexible.