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HOW TO Solve Common NGINX Problems

If you’re new or old to Nginx, you’ll facing with some problems, some of them can be solve easy with simple steps but we spend a lot time to research and fix it. Why? Did you know? The most frequent issue we see happens when someone attempts to just copy and paste a configuration snippet from some other guide. It’s the answer.
I write this article to collect all the ways which I used for solved most common Nginx problems during VPS / Server setup process. That mean this post will continuing update until I move to another web server softwares.

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Donkey Cutts Game: Real realities of social media and SEO

Different people deal with problems in different ways, and the guys at found a rather creative way of expressing their feelings towards the world of SEO after their website was the target of a negative SEO campaign. Instead of sitting and whining around, they created a replica of the famous Donkey Kong game, and switched the characters of the game with elements from the SEO world. The game instantly became viral, especially among the community of web developers and SEO specialists; however, besides bringing a lot of smiles, it also raised some important concerns regarding the universe of SEO, how hard it is to stay in the loop, and just how easy it can all go down.