Why does the Future belong to Responsive Web Design?

As tablets and smartphones are taking over desktops and laptops, the need to deliver a design which is deployed easily on all available devices is what makes responsive web design a sure shot winner. Should a business focus on investing in developing an iOS or Android app for their business or simply get a responsive design for their website? It is for you to decide.

However, the future most definitely belongs to the responsive design. Here’s why.

More Devices: More Traffic

More Devices are More Traffic
More Devices are More Traffic

The fact that the responsive design makes your website viewable on all platforms means more users will be able to get engaged with your website. According to researches, a website must pass the 10 second litmus test to retain a user. Users are more likely to abandon a website which requires zooming or adjusting and there’s a 61% chance that they will look for another website. 21% of visitors of the e-commerce website traffic access web pages through their smartphones. Your responsive design is deployed on all devices with precision and the users don’t feel the need to move towards another website.

Happy Users: More Conversions

Happy users will increasing conversions
Happy users will increasing conversions

Studies reveal that if a website meets all the elements of a UX web design, users are happy to spend ample time on the site without feeling the need to look for their desired information elsewhere. This naturally means that when a user lands on your responsive website through his tablet or a phone, he is retained naturally and the bounce rate is cut down considerably. The more time your users take out for your users, the more they will know about your services and chances of conversions dramatically increase owing to your responsive design.

Search-Engine Friendly

Responsive websites are easier to maintain and update as compared to mobile websites. As the website has a single URL, it facilitates the website to be easily crawled by Google and lessens the likelihood of on-page SEO errors. This is why it is easier to maintain and update a responsive website.

Have the competitive Edge

If your rivals do not have a responsive design yet, this can be your chance to outshine them. By attracting more percentages of traffic, you will be one step ahead of your competitors who have not yet invested into this aspect of a website. By the end of 2014 almost every business website will try to catch up with their mobile and tablet users by adopting a responsive design. Why shouldn’t you do it before your rivals to get that edge over them?

Key Elements why the future belongs to the Responsive Web Design

The statistics for responsive web design indicate the significance of this web design trend. Some more reasons are:

  • A single Website for every screen size
  • A shorter site development process
  • Recommended by Google
  • Worldwide mobile internet users will range upto 2.1 billion by 2015

Get your business a responsive website today and see the difference yourself!

Top 5 reasons to adopt responsive

Let’s view this infographic to know why we need reponsive web design. Click on the image to view the highest resolution of this infographic.

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Responsive Infographic
Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Responsive