Push Notifications Lead Towards Sales

How Push Notifications Work To Boost The Apps Marketing

Messages that flash over smartphone screens regarding the apps users have installed are the push notifications. You must have experienced it several times. Such notifications come to remind you about new features just unlocked on your newly installed apps. Push notifications work like email subscription that asks users to opt-in for the services by agreeing on the terms & conditions.

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HandHeld Mobile Plugin

3 Fantastic Plugins to Optimize WordPress Mobile Friendly

In 2009, I listed some WordPress plugins to make your website mobile friendly. Just over 6 years and the SEO, Technology … have changed. Do you know? Google is cracking down on mobile-unfriendly sites. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re losing a whole chunk of users on the go who will quickly look elsewhere if your site does’t load on their device.
In this post, I’ll look at the top mobile optimization plugins available for WordPress and offer some recommendations.

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Mobile App Development Be A Sustainable Solution In The Future

Will The Mobile App Development Be A Sustainable Solution In The Future?

Mobile application development has created a great buzz in almost every business domain, particularly after the advent of Smartphones. Indubitably, its demand has accentuated at a great pace and today, almost every business knows that how essential it is to possess a remarkable mobile presence.

Having said that, there is a question that keeps coming in my mind while striving to reap the benefits of the rapidly flourishing mobile app development. And it is, that although currently the mobile app development is helping in generating greater revenues, but is it sustainable? This is a common and important question for all the businesses who are investing their valuable time and money in it.

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HTML5 Gaining Momentum As Hybrid Mobile App Development Tool

Why Is HTML5 Gaining Momentum As Hybrid Mobile App Development Tool?

With the rapidly increasing success of mobile app development, the web developers have started embracing innovative technologies for building mobile apps that are not only rich in visual features but also contain easy-to-use functionality. Among the wide array of mobile app development technologies used by app developers across the globe, HTML5 is the one that has turned out as a strong contender. My aim behind penning down this blog is to throw some light on the growing popularity of HTML5 as the leading choice for mobile app development. So, let me take you on the success journey of HTML5.

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Using Wordpress plugins to make your website mobile friendly 1

Using WordPress plugins to make your website mobile friendly

In some earlier post, you has been known how to convert your website mobile friendly with online services and common problems when creating a website for mobile devices.

WordPress is a very popular PHP based Open Source blogging tool. By installing mobilizer plugins, your wordpress blog becomes mobile friendly, and all your earlier blog postings become ready to mobile-accessible with a minimum effort on your part. Below is amazing Plugins to view your WordPress Blog on any Mobile Device (iPhone, PDA…).

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The issues need to resolve when creating a website for mobile devices

In the previous article, you already know a number of services to help you convert your website to the mobile version which compatible with mobile devices. However, using third-party web development services are more limited, customization capabilities depending on the vendor even if you have to pay to get better service. By building a website ready for mobile version delivers more benefits than the cost of maintenance and system upgrade.

Build mobile website
Build mobile website

During construction, there are several unique issues for mobile devices is completely different from the normal computer.

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Make and Convert any Website that friendly Portable Devices 2

Make and Convert any Website that friendly Portable Devices

Currently, mobile network infrastructure supports for the connection with the Internet from mobile devices such as smartphones, PDA, mobile phone … Mobile (Smart. PDA) phones have become an inevitable tool for communication and keeping up with information.  The availability of WAP and regular browsers on mobile phones, a lot of people consume Internet content while on the go. With statistics from the Internet, I saw traffic in these devices is increasing every day. Future, this ratio certainly not less than desktop and laptop. Actually most of the current website does not support them well, readers will find the layout crash, structural distortions, completely different font on the browser device.

Make WordPress Website Ready for Mobile
Make WordPress Website Ready for Mobile

Characteristics of equipment is a small screen, processing capability and memory limitations. So by loading a complete webpage for desktop computers as a positive work overload for the device.
By converting your blog or website to a mobile version, you are sure of getting more visitors and be available for your readers even when they do not have access to a computer.

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