When Is It Time To Upgrade to a Dedicated Server?

Starting a small blog or website with a shared hosting package is wise for most, but you should know upfront that rapid expansion may hinder the performance or even viability of your website if you have not planned for it. For 95% of informational sites, your average hosting package should prove to be enough. The problem with many hosting companies today however is massive overselling to be competitive in a tough market. This is basically offering unlimited this, and a ton of that all for small price just as below 5$, under the premise that 9 out of 10 clients wont ever approach anything near what is being offered.
When Is It Time To Upgrade to a Dedicated?
Shared servers are just that shared. It means that if someone on your server has a spike in traffic to their website one day, resources may be taken away from your website. If hundreds of other websites on your server have a spike at the same time there is a good chance that performance will be affected. Think of it this way. A web hosting server is just a computer do you share your work computers processor and RAM with 400 other people? That is exactly what you are doing if you are on a shared hosting plan. Though sharing brings its benefits, the biggest one being low price, there are some situations where you need to consider upgrading to dedicated server.
Before go for the upgrade, you must be aware that you have to keep the website running, it’s software platform and the partition that you take on the server and adjust it to your specifications, or to hire technical expert to support it. With more resources, come along more cost. Before moving to a delicated hosting account, make strict and correct conclusions what will be your needs. It is not advised to upgrade if the tech part is way more above your pay grade.
Dedicated server hosting provides you with the highest caliber of stability and performance rates. With your growing business at hand, you may want to consider visitor traffic utilizing your resources effectively. Although it may seem like an expensive upgrade, keep in mind the amount of business you face losing if your shared hosting plan cannot keep your business website up and available to your customers online all the time.