Your Guide To Writing A Powerful Blog Post

Your Guide To Writing A Powerful Blog Post

The Moment: You’ve thought up a concept for a new blog, you’ve built your site with WordPress, you’ve even followed the latest design trends to make certain that everything looks fantastic.

The Problem: Now you have to start writing blog posts, but you aren’t sure how to generate written content that’s powerful and will draw attention to your site.

The Solution: Follow these strategies. They’ll get you in the right headspace to produce quality content and the know-how you’ll need to keep generating content for a long time coming.

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Small Business SEM

Small Business SEM

No business is too small for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Your business will likely stay small if you’re not on board with SEM at work.

Search engines like Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and so on – use sophisticated math to rank your website. They don’t really search the entire web. They search their internal indexes of frequently searched words and phrases, whether you are looking for “surfboards” or the “importance of Latino communications.”

To optimize your ranking, it makes sense to use the keywords in the title, heading, and throughout your web content. And, that’s what they call Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Mojo 6th Birthday Bundle

Get $890 valua of MOJO 6TH Annual Birthday Bundle for only $29

In some previous posts which I’ve listed some great deals for webmasters. I didn’t mentioned about Mojo Marketplaces too much. Today, I’ll share with you the most biggest deal from Mojo Marketplaces during their “6th Annual Birthday Bundle” event.
You will get 9 WordPress Themes & 4 Plugins for just $29 + 2 FREE Bonus Items!
That’s an $890 value for only $29

Mojo 6th Birthday Bundle
Mojo 6th Birthday Bundle

The MOJO Marketplace Birt hday Bundle will take place for 7 days only between the dates of April 25th and May 2nd.

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Choose Right E-commerce Website Template

Choose Right Ecommerce Website Template: Tips That Swiftly Succeed

An ecommerce template can either build or break the positive impression of your online business. Hence, it is comprehensive to search the wheat from the chaff, which helps your business reach at the pinnacle of dreamed position. Fortunately, a heap of templates are presented in the pool of the web, but finding an ideal yet profitable is quite arduous task. Realize the significance of ecommerce website template, which directly affects the success of an online store and produces seamless outcomes. Besides this, you also have to accept fact that no business owner, who recently embarks in the industry can spend enough amount for availing template. It is definitely not worthy to invest large capital to buy an ecommerce template, but prefer those solutions that will protect your business from any sort of suffer, whether it is for brand and budget.

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Responsive Design With Mobile First Approach

Responsive Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2015

Every year, new concept in the web designing comes up. Last year, the flat design, minimalist color scheme, background videos, 3D transition effects and many more designing techniques were introduced. It was superb year for responsive web designing. Indeed, the year 2015 will be full of amazing responsive web designing concepts that will bring the biggest revolution in the web designing industry. Indeed, those designing concepts will become the trendsetters of 2015. What are those trends, this blog presents glimpse over the 2015’s responsive web design trends.

Let’s Explore the list of Web design Trends of 2015:

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Be Clear Open and Honest

10 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Your conversion plays the biggest role in the success of everything you do online to generate revenue. Basically, the player with the highest conversion rate wins, since they’re getting more out of their marketing dollars at a less expensive rate per acquisition for a new customer, .

There are a few clever ways, however, to subtly tweak your website in order to boost your conversion rate to gain more customers for less money. Consider the following 10 ways to modify your site to increase your website conversion rates and enjoy more sales overall.

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NARGA 2014 year in review

The 2014 NARGA Year in Review

On the first week of 2015, we’d like to reflect back on the previous year to learn from our past and move forward with some of our new goals. NARGA has been started since 2012 but in our local language. We’ve switch to English website since 2011 then focusing on it from middle of 2012 until now.
Before continuing read on, I’d like to thanks you all as our audience, who has visited our site, read an article or two, and shared our content. You help NARGA
Let’s take a look back at 2014 and see what the biggest stories were.

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Panda - Pengiun Updates

Donkey Cutts Game: target of a negative SEO campaign

Different people deal with problems in different ways, and the guys at NetVoucherCodes found a rather creative way of expressing their feelings towards the world of SEO after their website was the target of a negative SEO campaign. Instead of sitting and whining around, they created a replica of the famous Donkey Kong game, and switched the characters of the game with elements from the SEO world. The game instantly became viral, especially among the community of web developers and SEO specialists; however, besides bringing a lot of smiles, it also raised some important concerns regarding the universe of SEO, how hard it is to stay in the loop, and just how easy it can all go down.

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MyThemeShop Membership Discount: Just $9

They recently passed the 40,000 members so they decided to host a special offer for anyone who joins them. As you see, become a member of MyThemeShop cost you $99 sign-up fee then $9 per month but it’s worth to buy. Today I give you a exclusive coupon that give you save $99 signup fee, just $9 per months if you decided become MyThemeShop’s premium member.

Top 5 quality and free web hosting services for staters

Top 5 quality and free web hosting service for staters

Building a website is as simple as write your words, design a layout and add all the content on an assigned web page, but on the completion of the website you will need a space over the net to upload it, here comes the role of web hosting services. If you are a beginner in setting up a website, then you could have visited a lot of different free and paid web hosting providers and you could still be confusing where to host your website. In fact, for beginners the idea of putting up a website free of charge could be an attractive idea.
As we all know that free web hosting is nothing new in the current online market, but still because of its several advantages it has been continuously doing great day by day. Free web hosting services is the best way to start for new clients who want a way to start their own business. But before starting to use these services you must have all the basic knowledge of hosting and affordable hosting services.

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