Separate pings from comments in WordPress v2.7+

One of the greatest disruptions to the conversation that goes on in comments are the trackbacks. They’re great, and I love it when people link to my blog. I always want to separate them because they really detract from the discussions that my readers are having, and they sometimes can make it difficult for a new reader to follow. How about you? This tutorial will show you how to separate Trackbacks/Pings and Comments in WordPress

What is the Difference Between a Comment and a Trackback?
A comment is an interaction between a reader and the blogger about the blog post. A trackback is a link to this post published on another blog post.

The thing it, it’s a little bit different in WordPress 2.7+ than in previous versions, so I had to look up how to split the comments from trackbacks. I started off by making some modifications to the comments.php and functions.php files. Now, comments show up on top, and trackbacks show up below.

The comments loop in WordPress 2.7+

to “

comment_status) : ?>

Comments are closed.

As you can see it is much simpler than the old comments “loop”. The majority of everything that is happening is now done via the function wp_list_comments.
To show separate trackbacks and pingbacks on a page in WordPress 2.7 or above, you can change the code in the default comments.php with the following:

Remove pingbacks and trackbacks in comments list

  1. Open comments.php then find [php]<?php if (have_comments()) : ?>[/php]
  2. Add the following codes after it: [php]<?php if (! empty($comments_by_type[‘comment’])) : ?>[/php]
  3. Then find [php]<?php wp_list_comments(); ?>[/php]
  4. Make it change like this [php]<?php wp_list_comments(‘type=comment’); ?>[/php]last step is write this code below after the wp_list_comments function. [php]</ol><?php endif; ?>[/php]

Display pingbacks and trackbacks

You can do it with similar previous step about
[php]<?php if (! empty($comments_by_type[‘pings’])) : ?>
<h3 id=”pings”>Trackbacks/Pingbacks</h3>
<ol class=”commentlist”>
<?php wp_list_comments(‘type=pings’); ?>
<?php endif; ?>[/php]
Now we need to style the pingbacks and trackbacks list by add new functions to functions.php

  1. Make change [php]<?php comments_template(); ?>[/php] to [php]<?php comments_template(”, true); ?>[/php] in single.php
  2. Add new functions to functions.php[php]<?php
    function list_pings($comment, $args, $depth) {
    $GLOBALS[‘comment’] = $comment;
    <li id=”comment-<?php comment_ID(); ?>”><?php comment_author_link(); ?>
    <?php } ?>[/php]

You need to call $listping functions (new style of list pingbacks) in single.php
[php]<ol class=”pinglist”>
<?php wp_list_comments(‘type=pings&callback=list_pings’); ?>[/php]

Full loop code below

[php htmlscript=”true”]
<?php if (have_comments()) : ?>
<?php if (! empty($comments_by_type[‘comment’])) : ?>
<h3 id=”comments”><?php comments_number(‘No Responses’, ‘One Response’, ‘% Responses’);?> to “<?php the_title(); ?>”</h3>

<ol class=”commentlist”>
<?php wp_list_comments(‘type=comment’); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php if (! empty($comments_by_type[‘pings’])) : ?>
<h3 id=”pings”>Trackbacks/Pingbacks</h3>
function list_pings($comment, $args, $depth) {
$GLOBALS[‘comment’] = $comment;
<li id=”comment-<?php comment_ID(); ?>”><?php comment_author_link(); ?>
<?php } ?>
<ol class=”pinglist”>
<?php wp_list_comments(‘type=pings&callback=list_pings’); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

<div class=”navigation”>
<div class=”alignleft”><?php previous_comments_link() ?></div>
<div class=”alignright”><?php next_comments_link() ?></div>
<?php else : // this is displayed if there are no comments so far ?>

<?php if (‘open’ == $post->comment_status) : ?>
<!– If comments are open, but there are no comments. –>

<?php else : // comments are closed ?>
<!– If comments are closed. –>
<p class=”nocomments”>Comments are closed.</p>

<?php endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
This is how we have separated the trackbacks/pingbacks from comments, hidden the trackbacks and styled our comments in WordPress 2.7.

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