Most Beautiful Feminine Wordpress Themes for Woman Blogs 1

Most Beautiful Feminine WordPress Themes for Woman Blogs

The concept of aesthetic sophistication of women than men so much, that’s their privilege. For women, in my opinion, the design does not need too important to their blogs, what they concern is the color and layout content feminine or not? They do not care much to new technology, design style and new trend ….

Pinky Kupy

Pink Kupy 1.0. A 2 column, fixed width theme, widgets not supported unfortunately. Download Pinky Kupy

Pink Kupy
Pink Kupy

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Wordpress recent posts and recent comments

How to list most recent comments and recent post in WordPress

Installing too many plugins will make the WordPress blog work slowly and unstable, use code built-in your theme will reduce the system resources.

Wordpress recent posts and recent commentsI’ve known a ton of plugins and widgets that allows me to list recent comments and recent post on my WordPress blog but I’m not using it. Because I’ve integrated some useful code below then I get results similar to those extensions which I’ve known.

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Mastering Worpress [gallery] shortcode

From WordPress 2.5, the Gallery feature allows the option to add an image gallery to a Post or Page on your WordPress blog.
Upload all your photos and simply type the shortcode [gallery in a post or page to display a thumbnail gallery of images attached to that post or page. Clicking on a thumbnail image will open either the original image or a larger image in a separate Attachment page.

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Using Wordpress plugins to make your website mobile friendly 2

Using WordPress plugins to make your website mobile friendly

In some earlier post, you has been known how to convert your website mobile friendly with online services and common problems when creating a website for mobile devices.

WordPress is a very popular PHP based Open Source blogging tool. By installing mobilizer plugins, your wordpress blog becomes mobile friendly, and all your earlier blog postings become ready to mobile-accessible with a minimum effort on your part. Below is amazing Plugins to view your WordPress Blog on any Mobile Device (iPhone, PDA…).

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Display plan text counter of FeedBurner, Delicious and Twitter

FeedBurner, Delicious and Twitter provided a way to showing you the several times the URL of the current page has actually appeared on their services. So the visitors assessed to your website can know How many people were Subscribed your feed url, how many people you have bookmarked your website url at Delicious or how many follower of your Twitter account …

Simple, their counter buttons are ugly. They don’t match with all the designs, and on most designs they just look ugly. The ability to display the subscriber count gives you a lot of control over styling and make the count work with your design. Therefore in this article we will share a way you can display FeedBurner subscriber, Twitter followers, Delicious saver count as text in WordPress (it also has the same effect in other blog, cms platform) which allows you can style it and make it look like a part of a design rather than a copy and paste.

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Building A MultiLanguage WordPress Website 3

Building A MultiLanguage WordPress Website

Good CMS (not all) let you create and manage contents in multiple languages. It’s not trivial. Many things need to change when a site runs in multiple languages. The system needs to handle all sorts of strange cases and make it all seem like a piece of cake.
Many web sites need to be developed in several languages. Multi Language website development is a specialized skill. This is because it throws up various issues like:

  • Speed – How can you provide a customized user experience without decreasing the speed of the web application?
  • Translation – How can you translate all the content of the website into the different languages you would like to offer?
  • Font Support – How do you make sure that your visitor’s browsers support the fonts you will use.
  • Cost – How can you achieve this objective without multiplying the cost of developing the web site by the number of languages offered?

WordPress is an open platform for high level customization can help you create a multilingual website easily by plugins.

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WordPress Problem: Post content disappear

This is the oddest thing I’ve ever seen on WordPress. Here’s my problem:
I have a whole ton of text. But the last few lines I have this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

IF I add this line next (without the quotes)…

“I try to keep anybody from having to go back and fix anything so it makes them have to play it now, you know?”

The entire body of the post disappears. Only the title shows up. If I remove that line, the text comes back. If I add “asdf”, the body stays. If I add a random line, the body disappears. I thought maybe it was a phantom html tag hidden in there or something, so I copied and pasted into notepad to clear any potential underlying formatting and it’s still doing it. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been poking at this thing for hours. I even tried moving the entire contents to a new post. No dice. I erased and rewrote the entire offending section and then some… nothing. We’ve got several hundred posts and this has never happened. There’s a good 20 blockquotes in this post and everything works fine.

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Separate pings/trackbacks from comments in WordPress

One of the greatest disruptions to the conversation that goes on in comments is the trackbacks. They’re great, and I love it when people link to my blog. I always want to separate them because they detract from the discussions that my readers are having, and they sometimes can make it difficult for a new reader to follow. How about you? This tutorial will show you how to separate Trackbacks/Pings and Comments in WordPress

What is the Difference Between a Comment and a Trackback?
A comment is an interaction between a reader and the blogger about the blog post. A trackback is a link to this post published on another blog post.

We have a little bit different in WordPress 2.7+ than in previous versions, so I had to look up how to split the comments from trackbacks. I started by making some modifications to the comments.php and functions.php files. Now, comments show up on top, and trackbacks show up below.

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