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Powell – WordPress 4.2.1 has been released

Like others, this site has been upgraded to WordPress v4.2 automatically. So let’s take a look at what you can expect! The newest version of WordPress is 4.2, named after American jazz Pianist, Bud Powell. This is big update after some minor update to fix the security holes and small improved but this release has nothing too groundbreaking.

After few days for testing, I write some notes about the latest version of WordPress to share my thoughts on the main 4.2 changes. What’s news in WordPress v4.2 which we’ve expected?

Short answer: WordPress 4.2 focuses on communication, sharing, and simplicity.

Long answer, read on!

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Best FREE & Beautiful WordPress Themes in April 2015

It is easy to find a premium theme for your website, but usually you will have to pay quite a high price for one. March was a month loaded with a lot of amazing WordPress themes releases. Here are round up of the best WordPress themes released in the month of April, 2015. I would like to make it easier to find the best WordPress themes what you are looking for?
All themes in the collection are released under the GPL license, comes with cool and useful features and options. They can be used for various website types such as business, corporate, portfolio, gallery, photo, or whatever you want to use them for!

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The7 — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Top 7 Selling Premium WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

NARGA.NET has been focused on List Post Type of WordPress themes and plugins. I regularly write articles listing the most downloaded, beatiful and high quality free WordPress themes and plugins. However, you don’t really see versions of this list for premium plugins. I’ve got a lot of email to ask me about the best items to help they buy and use them.

Why Your Business Website Could Benefit From Using Premium WordPress Themes

I don’t want to say that Free WordPress themes are not good. But, Free themes have their own limitations and disadvantages.

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Compare HHVM and PHP-FPM

Move from PHP to HHVM to improve websites performance

For a long time ago, I’m not writing any article about the server (nginx) optimization because my VPS that’s powered by Digital Ocean is working flawlessly on the lowest plan with just $5/month.
Do you know? If you do over optimization on the lowest VPS hardware on Digital Ocean, it will decrease your server performance instead the good results which you’ve expected. Although it can’t improve by itself, you really want to make it… better by switch from php-fpm to hhvm.

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Security Ninja

WordPress Plugins to Scan for Hidden Malwares & Malicious Code

WordPress websites are a common target for hackers, spammers, and other malicious parties because it’s most popular CMS software that used by people either for simple blogging or other purposes. There are too many methods to infect your website with malware but the most common way is tweak or add the malicious codes into the themes, plugins for their own gain. Some of the common reasons are to get a backlink from your blog, to add adverts, redirect your website to spam links or worst of all to create a backdoor access to your website.

In this article, we would like to show you services and plugin solutions that will help you detect malicious code on your WordPress website. There are both free and paid tools available to scan your WordPress site for potentially malicious or unwanted code

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HandHeld Mobile Plugin

3 Fantastic Plugins to Optimize WordPress Mobile Friendly

In 2009, I listed some WordPress plugins to make your website mobile friendly. Just over 6 years and the SEO, Technology … have changed. Do you know? Google is cracking down on mobile-unfriendly sites. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re losing a whole chunk of users on the go who will quickly look elsewhere if your site does’t load on their device.
In this post, I’ll look at the top mobile optimization plugins available for WordPress and offer some recommendations.

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10 of The Best Free WordPress Themes In 2014

There are ton of free and beautiful WordPress themes in 2014, I know that I can’t listing it completly in this topic to help you choose and use for your WordPress website. As that is the case, I really wanted to showcase some truly amazing, beautiful and totally free WordPress themes in hopes of paying homage to other great minds in the WordPress community.
In this article, we’ve collected our favorite free themes from 2014, and I only choose the best from a bloat load of free WordPress themes which I have tested and used. Here are our picks for the best free WordPress themes of 2014 that you should use on your blog right now.

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How to Issue Newsletter with WordPress

Newsletter is another channel that can help you connect with your audience. From the Google, you can found a ton of articles about the important to build a mailing list. On NARGA.NET we’re using MailChimp to create and sending the Newsletter to our audience.
In this article, we will show you how can we build mailing list, manage and send it throught WordPress. You can read about the reason why we choose MailChimp instead others email sending services, our experiences to create a responsive and beautiful newsletter layout. This includes the very basics to advanced tricks, recommended services & plugins, secret tips to increase opt-in rates, and much more.

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WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Best FREE WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Online Support

You’ve started business online and selling your products. In the next big steps, you need to build a good support system for your customers who wants to find a response for their queries and your instant support makes your client happy and the satisfaction of clients becomes a key of success for your business.
There are these 3 ways to do that.

  • Firstly, via call. You give them a support number (it’s may free or not free) for which all the calls will be made.
  • Secondly, you and your customers can talking directly via instant messaging softwares / services like Skype, Hangouts, OTT apps or Live Chat. The cost savings and convenience for customers and staffs.
  • And finally, the email support. You give them your support email ID and start waiting for the customer’s email. It’s slowest method, the customers and staffs need few days for ask and answer. It’s free but un-cheerful!

Here I’d like to share some of the live chat plugins which are very useful for your business websites.

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WooCommerce JetPack

Powerfull WordPress Plugins to Enhance WooCommerce Functions

WordPress and WooCommerce are free, you don’t have to spend anything to build your own web store and start selling your products. Running a WordPress site is no difficult task, so it means managing a WooCommerce store too is not difficult by any standards. Since it’s built on top of WordPress, there are hundreds of plugins available to make your web store even better. Below is a list of Powerful WordPress plugins to Enhancing WooCommerce Functions which allow you to improve your product listing, use various discount methods, improve your ordering process and maximize your sales by going social.
If you’re looking for the methods to create and send to your customers, don’t miss Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Invoice Your Clients

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TOP 10 of Beautiful & FREE WordPress Themes for Dec. 2014

You’re in the last month of this year: Year of the Horse in Asia. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday has been passed, do you miss any interesting items? Don’t forget to check Envato Giving Away Premium items per days until Dec. 24th 2014.
And today, We roundup of the TOP 10 of Beautiful & FREE WordPress Themes for Dec. 2014 and we hope that you will find among them a good one for you.
All themes in the collection are released under the GPL license, comes with cool and useful features and options. So I would like to make it easier to find the best WordPress themes what you are looking for?

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