Creating Engaging Product Descriptions for Your ECommerce Site

10 Tips In Creating Engaging Product Descriptions for Your E-Commerce Site

Writing an engaging copy for a product is as significant as the design of a website. It is often taken for granted and the writer simply defines the product. The copywriters need to understand the features and benefits of a product or service then make a common man understood easily through creative description.

Generally, different practices are followed for writing a description as it also depends on the company’s policies as well. Some want to be clear and straightforward about the technical aspects, while others may want their customers to know the basic benefits along with the key features. To let you create a product description that really sells, some amazing tips are highlighted below.

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Be Generous with Discounts

How to Increase eCommerce Conversions This Holiday Season

For ecommerce companies, the holiday season is definitely the busiest time of the year. Depending on the part of the world you are in, the holiday season will come at a different part of the year, but nonetheless, it will always be the time when you have to be pulling in the shoppers and also getting the conversions.

The good news is that there are many ways in which an ecommerce website can attract customers and convert. Some of these are practices that will work the entire year and that should be applied to the ecommerce website regardless of the season, often involving tightening up of certain features and aspects of your website. Others are more holiday-specific and they will work only during the holiday season.

So, without further ado.

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WordPress has Security Vulnerabilities

Top 5 Limitations of WordPress Ecommerce and Solutions to Overcome Them

The current day needs have made the developers to think of transforming a simple business website into an online shop with the installation of a plugin, and the WordPress eCommerce came into existence. Did you know? Limitations of WordPress Ecommerce includes security, processing time, customization and more …

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11 Ways to Boost your Sales with B2C Digital Marketing

11 Ways to Boost your Sales with B2C Digital Marketing

B2C stands for Business-to-Customer and B2C Digital Marketing is used to promote the goods and services among the customers. B2C marketing not only depends on the value of the product but also needs a relation to the emotional responses of the users. The exponentially growing number of the Internet users across the globe signifies a bright future of B2C Digital Marketing. You need to know about your target audience and anticipate your marketing strategies accordingly. Presenting your product online gives you a better opportunity to reach a larger number of customers.

Digital Marketing is not an easy task to perform, you need to have a proper knowledge of your customers and their requirements. Here are some useful ways that can help you boost your sales using B2C Digital Marketing –

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Woocommerce Visual Attributes & Options Swatches

Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Improve WooCommerce Product Variations

There are several WordPress plugins for WooCommerce to Improve WooCommerce Product Variations feature with Swatches, Colors and Photos. All the plugins which listed here will allow you to replace standard WooCommerce selects with icons, custom images, and dynamic labels.
What is a variable product?
A variable product is a standard product type in WooCommerce. A variable product has multiple attributes and the customer select one from each attribute. For example, a shoe has size and color attributes – the customer can select these parameters.
Why We need to Improve WooCommerce Product Variations feature?
I chose WooCommerce because it had variable pricing and working with WordPress very well. I experienced with WordPress for several years ago then I don’t want to start again with a new platform. That feature allows you to create specific products that have several variations, for example, sizes, colors, materials and more… So WooCommerce is the best choice to start a small shop.
Variable Products in WooCommerce allows you to add variations to a single product such as color, size, price, images or any other specific feature your product might have. This includes setting up attributes, terms, and variations. By default, WooCommerce display product variation (options) as a drop-down list. It’s simple but looks ugly and your customers haven’t complete overview about their interested products.
Using color and image swatches provides a much nicer way to display the available colors of a product, available styles, available sizes, or pretty much anything else that you can display using an image or color.
So let’s just start today’s round up of showing you 10 plugins that hopefully has something that will push your WooCommerce store up and running better than before!

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The Hidden Pitfalls of Using Google Analytics for Ecommerce Business Analysis

The Hidden Pitfalls of Using Google Analytics for Ecommerce Business Analysis

In Google Analytics we trust.

The research by an analytical service Built With shows that overall 28,534,626 active sites are using Google Analytics. The service has proved its reliability and is rightfully considered the best tool for web analytics. With Google Analytics you can easily track the key metrics of your site, better understand your visitors’ behavior and monitor effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

But how useful can the service be for eCommerce analysis? Can it be an effective ally in the battle for customers’ money?

The answer is ‘yes’. And ‘no’.

On the one hand, the service can deliver some valuable sales stats. On the other, missing transactions, and issues with PayPal don’t let you get a coherent account on each aspect of your store sales performance.

In this post we will look at the exact Google Analytics problems an eСommerce store owner can face and learn how to track eCommerce metrics 100% accurately.

Let it roll.

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Wix eCommerce – A Online Store for Beginners

When you are planning how you will sell your products or services, but you’re an absolute beginner and don’t know where to start, you can try WixStores first. Unlike complex online shopping cart softwares / services, WixStores helps you start selling online in just few steps and you don’t need too much technical knowledge like server, programing language, SEO, HTML, CSS, mobile compatibility… except drag ‘n drop skill because WixStores covers you all the way.. Trust me, it’s very easy for beginners.
In this post, we’ll be creating a shop from the beginning together and I will sharing my opinions about it for talking about the pros and cons with WixStores. It takes only a few minutes to understand how it works.

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10 Benefits of Online Invoicing For An E-commerce Business

10 Benefits of Online Invoicing For An E-commerce Business

Running an e-commerce business requires the business owners to maintain professional standards and create delightful experiences for customers. One has to create a beautiful looking website and add unique product and service offerings, to lure customers and loyal audiences for the business. It is equally important to add the necessary support and services for the business to get the customers to be satisfied and stay for longer. The right set of cloud tools would help in providing prompt customer services and a professional approach, for the customer to appreciate the services and also recommend them to peers. Online invoicing is one such way of building a positive image with the customer. An online invoicing software to send quick professional invoices to clients is absolutely essential.

Here are the top 10 advantages of an invoicing solution for an e-commerce business:

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PrestaShop vs WooCommerce

Which is better ecommerce software – Prestashop or WooCommerce?

Like most when I was looking to start an online store, I wondered which is the better e-commerce software to start selling online. Nowadays there are many choices when it comes to selling online. If money isn’t an issue, you can pay an agency to build your site for you and take all the hassle out of it. But if you’re like me, and you want to have more control when it comes to customizing your shop, and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars before you make your first sale, you look towards a “do it yourself platform”.
I decided to do my research on two of the biggest e-commerce platforms, PrestaShop and WooCommerce then make a small comparison between them.
Now, why would I choose to compare PrestaShop and WooCommerce instead others like OpenCart, Magento ..?

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Choose Right E-commerce Website Template

Choose Right Ecommerce Website Template: Tips That Swiftly Succeed

An ecommerce template can either build or break the positive impression of your online business. Hence, it is comprehensive to search the wheat from the chaff, which helps your business reach at the pinnacle of dreamed position. Fortunately, a heap of templates are presented in the pool of the web, but finding an ideal yet profitable is quite arduous task. Realize the significance of ecommerce website template, which directly affects the success of an online store and produces seamless outcomes. Besides this, you also have to accept fact that no business owner, who recently embarks in the industry can spend enough amount for availing template. It is definitely not worthy to invest large capital to buy an ecommerce template, but prefer those solutions that will protect your business from any sort of suffer, whether it is for brand and budget.

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In 2015 Winning Smartly in Your Market Niche with eCommerce

In 2015 Winning Smartly in Your Market Niche with eCommerce

For many modern entrepreneurs, gaining the competitive edge in the online marketplace is the thing to do. E-commerce is a very unique environment for competition. While the big brands may still bring their financial muscle to bear, this is an online market that more or less offers an almost level playing field for businesses to compete.

What matters is whether the business is deploying the right ecommerce strategies in order to compete effectively in this market. When planning to establish an online presence through ecommerce, it is important for the businesses to clearly understand the steps that they will have to put in place in order for profit to happen.

There are many factors that you need to put into consideration when planning an ecommerce roadmap. Some of the questions that will be on your mind include the following:

  • Is ecommerce necessary or justifiable for my business?
  • What ecommerce platform will I use?
  • What is my target online market?
  • How much of my business will be online?
  • How do I scale up if sales pick up?
  • What will be the costs associated with running the ecommerce platform?
  • What security features will be sufficient in order to keep my customers safe?
  • How will customers pay online for my products?
  • Who will manage the ecommerce platform?

For small businesses with little technical experience in managing ecommerce platforms, the challenges can be quite daunting. But with the right ideas and strategies, it will be possible to convert your big marketing ideas into a top converting ecommerce platform that ropes in the sales. A well-managed ecommerce platform will extend the base of your market and help you steal thunder right from under the feet of your fierce competitors.

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